[H2020-ARIEL] "HISPANOS Hands-On school on the production, detection and use of neutron beams"

Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)
Begoña Fernandez (CNA-University Seville), Carlos Guerrero Sanchez (Universidad de Sevilla (ES))

The school, organized by the Universidad de Sevilla in the framework of the H2020 ARIEL project (www.ariel-h2020.eu), aims at covering the experimental aspects related to the production, detection and use of neutron beams. To this purpose, the core of the school is a series of experiments that will be carried out during one week (September, 26th to 30th) at the HISPANOS facility (www.cna.us.es/HISPANOS) at the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) in Seville, Spain. The experiments will be complemented with lectures (Interaction of neutrons with matter, production of neutrons beam and detection of neutrons) and seminars (The role of neutrons in astrophysics, nuclear technology and medicine and related experiments) that will be given online during two days (September, 21st and 22nd) in the week prior to the on-site experiments.


The school is open for up to 24 participants. The target audience comprises young researchers, which includes Master students, PhD students, and young postdocs. The selection of the 24 participants is the responsibility of the International Advisory Committee and will be based on the "Academic Level" and the "Letter of Interest" to be filled in the registration form.


EXPERIMENTS (26-30 September @CNA)

  • Introduction to detectors, data acquisition systems and data analysis.
  • Time-of-flight with a fast pulsed neutron beam and detectors providing pulse shape discrimination.
  • Neutron capture MACS measurements by activation using an epithermal neutron beam.
  • Thermal neutron radiography with thermal neutrons via full moderation of an initially fast neutron beam.
  • Study of the neutron distribution from fission with the miniBELEN detector.


LECTURES AND SEMINARS (21-22 September => online)

  • Interaction of neutrons with matter (Jose Luís Taín, IFIC, Spain)
  • Principles and examples of neutron production (Carlos Guerrero, CNA, Spain)
  • Principles and examples of neutron detection (Daniel Cano-Ott, CIEMAT, Spain)
  • The role of neutrons in astrophysics and neutron beam experiments (Cesar Domingo, IFIC, Spain)
  • The role of neutrons in nuclear technology and neutron beam experiments (Francisco Álvarez, CIEMAT & Carlos Guerrero, CNA, Spain)
  • The role of neutrons in medicine and neutron beam experiments (Ignacio Porras, UGR, Spain)



The participants willing to present a poster must submit an abstract in addition to their registration. The lecturers and the local organizing committee will select the "Best Poster Prize" with a diploma and a check of 300€.



The registration fee, travel and accommodation costs in double rooms will be fully covered by the H2020 ARIEL Project (www.ariel-h2020.eu).



Please register before June 15th, 2022.




     - Arnd Junghans (HZDR, Germany)

     - Arjan Plompen (JRC-Geel, Belgium)

     - Enrique González (CIEMAT, Spain)

     - Roberto Capote (IAEA, Austria)

     - Gabriel Pavel (ENEN, Belgium)



     - Carlos Guerrero

     - Begoña Fernández

     - José Manuel Quesada

     - Joaquín Gómez Camacho

     - María Ángeles Millán

     - Pablo Pérez Maroto

This school receives funding from the H2020 Euratom research and training program 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 847594 (ARIEL).


Carlos Guerrero