This workshop — organized in collaboration with Intel — is a great opportunity to improve your application's performance and ask questions to Intel Software Experts!

The idea behind the workshop is that, instead of having only the usual lectures+exercises format, we have invited Intel specialists to CERN to work with us on improving our code using the Intel optimization tools. This will be an opportunity to make our codes more efficient, as well as learn about Intel's hardware platforms and to discover the Intel tools discussing with world-class experts.

We would like to have the workshop in a hackathon format, where participants join as groups and are helped by optimization experts from Intel and openlab. Please note that unfortunately we can only accommodate a limited number of people, so ideally we would give priority to groups instead of single participants.

NEW: For this edition of the workshop, we will dedicate a session for oneAPI, which consists on a unified programming model to simplify development across diverse architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA).

So far, the list of invited people includes:

  • Cédric Andreolli, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel France
  • Igor Vorobtsov, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Germany
  • Klaus-Dieter Oertel, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Germany

Cédric Andreolli started as application engineer at Intel in 2012 optimizing Oil and Gas workloads for several HPC customers. Cédric was involved in the development and the promotion of the Roofline Model at Intel. He moved to the technical consulting team in 2016 where his focus are Advisor, Vtune and compilers supporting EMEA customers in France, UK, Israel, Switzerland  and Germany. Cédric has a Master degree in computer science.

Igor Vorobtsov has more than 11 years of experience in the areas of C/C++ and Fortran compilers, application tuning and developer support. Igor got a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Since joining Intel in 2008, Igor has worked as a Technical Consulting Engineer supporting software developers throughout EMEA region. Igor has a broad array of application experience, including enterprise applications and high performance computing environments.

Klaus-Dieter Oertel has more than 30 years of experience in High Performance Computing as an application and software engineer. He has a Diploma degree in Mathematics. Since 2010, his focus has been on technical consulting for Intel HPC tools, supporting EMEA customers in using parallelization at all levels: distributed MPI processes, threading, vectorization. Klaus-Dieter is the lead TCE for CERN and has a long-standing relationship with openlab.




Registration for this event is currently open.