Dining and Social Events

Suggestion for lunch breaks

At walking distance from the HF-WINC 2020 conference venue you will find a huge range of places where enjoying your lunch break, from street-food shops, to cafes, pizzeria or more sophisticated and expensive restaurants.

At this link you can find a list of suggestions and at this link the map where to find them.


The reception will be held at the Egyptian Museum (https://museoegizio.it/) on July 14 from 19:15 to 21:00. The expenses for the participants will be covered by the organisation of the workshop. It will include a visit of the museum, preceded by a welcome cocktail.

Social Dinner

The social dinner will be held at the "Ristorante al Monte dei Cappuccini" (https://www.caitorino.it/ristorante-monte-cappuccini/) on July 15. The cost of the dinner is 48 euros per person, to be paid cash at the registration. The invoice of the payment will be provided at the end of the dinner.