Nov 22 – 26, 2021
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Working Groups and Conveners

WG1: Vud, Vus, Vcd, Vcs and semileptonic/leptonic D decays

Lei Li (BIPT)
Emilie Passemar (Indiana University)
Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (University of Valencia)

WG2: Vub, Vcb and semileptonic/leptonic B decays including τ

Racha Cheaib (DESY)
Mark Smith (Imperial College London)
Alejandro Vaquero (The University of Utah)

WG3: Rare B, D and K decays, radiative and electroweak penguin decays, including constraints on Vtd/Vts and ε’/ε

Diego Guadagnoli (LAPTH Annecy)
Christoph Langenbruch (RWTH Aachen)
Elisa Manoni (INFN Perugia)

WG4: Mixing and mixing-related CP violation in B system: Δm,  ΔΓ, φs, φ1/β, φ2/α, φ3

Veronika Chobanova (University of Santiago de Compostela)
Matthew Wingate (University of Cambridge)
Yosuke Yusa (Niigata University)

WG5: Direct CP violation (DCPV) including φ3/γ from B→DK, DCPV effects, branching fractions and polarisation in charmless B(s) decays

Joachim Brod (University of Cincinnati)
Resmi PK (CPPM Marseille)
Wenbin Qian (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

WG6: High-pT flavor physics: H→f’f decays, single top production, direct measurement of Vtd, Vts, Vtb, rare top decays, CPV at high pT

Matthias Komm (CERN)
Umberto De Sanctis (University of Roma Tor Vergata)

WG7: Mixing and CP violation in the D system: xD, yD, |q/p|D, φD, DCPV in D decays

Cheng-Wei Chang (National Taiwan University)
Adam Davis (University of Manchester)