11th International Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle (CKM 2021)

from Monday, November 22, 2021 (5:00 PM) to Friday, November 26, 2021 (11:59 PM)

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Nov 22, 2021
Nov 23, 2021
Nov 24, 2021
Nov 25, 2021
Nov 26, 2021
9:00 AM
WG1 (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM New Physics in $d(s)\to u\ell\nu$ - Adam Falkowski (LPT Orsay)   ()
9:25 AM V_{ud} from nuclear decays - Victor E. Iacob   ()
9:00 AM
WG2 -Dr Alejandro Vaquero Avilés-Casco (University of Utah) (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM Indirect bounds on new physics for $R(D^{(*)})$ - Benjamin Grinstein (Univ. of California San Diego (US))   ()
9:30 AM ${\bar B} \to D^* \ell^- {\bar\nu}_\ell$ Decays: Angular Distributions and New Physics - David London   ()
9:55 AM Semileptonic decays with a tau in the B factories (including prospects) - Racha Cheaib (DESY)   ()
10:20 AM $|V_{cb}|$ and New Physics - Ryoutaro Watanabe (INFN Roma Tre)   ()
9:00 AM
WG5 (until 11:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM CP violation measurements with two-body charmless B decays at LHCb - Daniele Manuzzi (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))   ()
9:25 AM CP violation and branching fraction measurements of three-body charmless B decays at LHCb - Diego Torres Machado (CBPF - Brazilian Center for Physics Research (BR))   ()
9:50 AM Charmless B decay measurements at Belle - Yun-Tsung Lai (KEK) Yun-Tsung Lai Yun-Tsung Lai (National Taiwan University (TW))   ()
10:15 AM Charmless B decay measurements at Belle II - SAGAR HAZRA (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)   ()
5:00 PM
Plenary Session - Elisabetta Barberio (University of Melbourne (AU)) (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM Introduction - Phillip Urquijo (University of Melbourne (AU))   ()
5:10 PM Progress in theory on rare decays - wolfgang altmannshofer Wolfgang Altmannshofer (UC Santa Cruz) Wolfgang Altmannshofer (Fermilab)   ()
5:45 PM Overview of Charm Physics - Liaoyuan Dong   ()
6:20 PM Progress in Lattice QCD for CKM Physics - Stefan Meinel (University of Arizona)   ()
7:30 PM
Plenary Session - Emi Kou (LAL-IN2P3) (until 9:50 PM) ()
7:30 PM Progress in theory on CP violation and CKM - Keri Vos (Universiteit Maastricht (NL))   ()
8:05 PM Present and future CKM studies from B physics at e+e- colliders - Alessandro Gaz   ()
8:40 PM Present and future CKM studies from B physics at the LHC - Niels Tuning (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   ()
9:15 PM Progress in theory on new physics and flavour-highT interplay (top, Higgs, flavour at high pT - Jernej Kamenik (INFN LNF) Jernej Fesel Kamenik (Jozef Stefan Institute (SI)) Jernej F. Kamenik   ()
10:00 PM
WG3 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Results on rare b->sll decays [LHCb] - Michal Kreps (University of Warwick (GB))   ()
10:25 PM EWP decays with missing energy and LFV at Belle II - TAO LUO (University of Pittsburgh)   ()
10:50 PM Rare b -> sll decays: progress on QCD uncertainties - Danny van Dyk Danny van Dyk (TU München)   ()
11:15 PM Searching for New Physics in Rare K and B Decays without |Vcb| and |Vub| Uncertainties - Elena Venturini   ()
10:00 PM
WG5 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM New ideas on gamma / phi3 measurements - Anton Poluektov (Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS/IN2P3, CPPM, Marseille, France)   ()
10:25 PM Gamma measurements in ADS and GLW(-like) decays at LHCb - Fidan Suljik (University of Oxford (GB))   ()
10:50 PM Gamma measurements in BPGGSZ decays and search for Bc decays into two charmed mesons - Arnau Brossa Gonzalo (University of Warwick (GB))   ()
11:15 PM Latest measurements of the CKM angle gamma/phi3 at Belle - Seema Bahinipati (Indian Institute Of Technology Bhubaneswar)   ()
11:40 PM First results of B->DK decays at Belle II - Niharika Rout (IIT Madras, India)   ()
10:00 PM
WG6 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Higgs to fermions - Tao Wang (University of Science and Technology of China (CN))   ()
10:25 PM Higgs couplings + CP - Jin Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)) Jin Wang   ()
10:50 PM Higgs anomalous coupllings (FCNC, LFV) - Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham (GB))   ()
11:15 PM Flavour in Higgs Theory - Yotam Soreq (Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (IL))   ()
10:00 PM
WG7 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Direct CP Violation in Charmed Meson Decays - Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica)   ()
10:25 PM Direct CPV searches in charm at Belle - Longke Li (Univ. of Cincinnati)   ()
10:50 PM Status of Direct CPV Searches in Charm at LHCb - Andrea Contu (INFN)   ()
11:15 PM CP violation in Charm and other broken symmetries - Ayan Paul (INFN, Sezione di Roma) Ayan Paul (INFN, Sezione di Roma) Ayan Paul (DESY, Hamburg and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)   ()
5:00 PM
WG1&2 (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM Semileptonic decays of $\Lambda_b$ ’s and $\Lambda_c$ ’s to negative-parity baryons - Gumaro Rendón   ()
5:30 PM Inclusive observables in B and D meson semileptonic decays - Matteo Fael (KIT Karlsruhe) Matteo Fael (University of Zurich)   ()
6:00 PM Exclusive B-meson semileptonic decays from unitarity and lattice QCD - Silvano Simula (INFN) Silvano Simula (INFN - Sezione di Roma Tre)   ()
5:00 PM
WG4 - Yosuke Yusa (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM Measurements of α, β, φs and B meson lifetime properties at LHCb - Ramon Angel Ruiz Fernandez (IGFAE)   ()
5:25 PM Time-dependent measurements of γ and Δms at LHCb - Anna Lupato (University of Manchester (GB))   ()
5:50 PM Measurements of CP violation and lifetime properties of B mesons at ATLAS - Lukas Novotny (Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ))   ()
6:15 PM Measurements of CP violation and lifetime properties of B mesons at CMS - Alibordi Muhammad (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))   ()
6:40 PM Mixing and mixing related CP violation in B system - Thibaud Humair (Max Planck Society (DE))   ()
7:30 PM
WG1 (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM Vus from Kaons - Matthew Moulson (Physics Dept.Pupin Phys.Lab.) Matthew David Moulson Matthew Moulson (INFN e Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (IT))   ()
7:55 PM Lattice Calculations for Radiative corrections for Kl2/Pil2 - Nazario Tantalo Nazario Tantalo Nazario Tantalo (Universita e INFN Roma Tor Vergata (IT))   ()
8:20 PM Radiative corrections to Ke3 decays - Chien Yeah Seng (Bonn University)   ()
8:45 PM Lattice input for the extraction of $V_{ud}, V_{us},V_{cd}$ and $V_{cs}$ - Elvira Gamiz (University of Illinois) Elvira Gamiz (University of Illinois) Elvira Gamiz (Fermilab) Elvira Gamiz (University of Granada)   ()
7:30 PM
WG2 - Mark Smith (Imperial College (GB)) (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM Inclusive calculations on LQCD - Shoji Hashimoto (KEK) Shoji Hashimoto (KEK)   ()
8:00 PM Inclusive developments - Kay Schönwald (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)) Kay Schönwald (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))   ()
8:30 PM Latest results in inclusive Vcb - Paolo Gambino (Università di Torino)   ()
8:55 PM Belle I and II inclusive B decays - Raynette Van Tonder (University of Bonn)   ()
7:30 PM
WG3 (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM Rare B decays at CMS and ATLAS - Pavel Reznicek (Charles University (CZ))   ()
7:55 PM Very rare B decays - Francesco Dettori (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT))   ()
8:20 PM Wilson coefficients and global fits - Peter Stangl (University of Bern)   ()
8:45 PM Model building for rare B-decay anomalies - Claudia Cornella   ()
10:00 PM
WG1 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Mirror transitions within and beyond the SM - Oscar Naviliat-Cuncic (Michigan State University) Oscar Naviliat-Cuncic (LPC Caen)   ()
10:25 PM V_{ud} from neutron decay - Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (CERN) Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (Universidad de Valencia) Bastian Maerkisch (Universität Heidelberg)   ()
10:50 PM Radiative corrections to extract Vud - Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (CERN) Mikhail Gorchtein   ()
11:15 PM Recent Results from UCNTau and implication for Vud - Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (CERN) Chen-Yu Liu (Indiana University)   ()
11:40 PM Lattice input for neutron \& nuclear $\beta$ decay - Amy Nicholson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   ()
10:00 PM
WG6 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Models for low-PT anomalies: an overview - Admir Greljo (Universitaet Bern (CH))   ()
10:25 PM Flavorful leptoquarks at the LHC and beyond: Spin 1 - Ivan Nišandžić (Ruđer Bošković Institute)   ()
10:50 PM Leptoquark searches - Rahmat Rahmat (University of Iowa (US))   ()
11:15 PM Contact interactions (mainly bsll) - Yoav Afik (CERN)   ()
11:34 PM Ht, ttH production - Alexandra Carvalho Antunes De Oliveira (Tallinn University (KBFI))   ()
10:00 PM
WG7 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Theoretical aspects on charm mixing - Hiroyuki Umeeda (Academia Sinica) Hiroyuki Umeeda   ()
10:25 PM Results and prospects of charm mixing and CP violation at BESIII - James Libby (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)   ()
10:50 PM Status of Mixing and Indirect CPV Searches in Charm at LHCb - Daniel Cervenkov (University of Oxford (GB)) Daniel Cervenkov (Charles University in Prague)   ()
11:15 PM Early charm results and prospects at Belle II - Soeren Andre Prell (Iowa State University (US))   ()
11:40 PM Direct CPV in charm decays - Avital Dery (Weizmann Institute of Science (IL))   ()
5:00 PM
WG6 (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM Theoretical overview on top quark physics - Malgorzata Maria Worek (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   ()
5:25 PM Single top (Including Vtb,Vts,Vtd) - Alejandro Soto Rodriguez (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))   ()
5:50 PM Rare top decays (FCNC,CPV) - Yu-Wei Kao (National Taiwan University (TW))   ()
6:15 PM tV and ttV (V= W,Z,gamma) - Alvaro Lopez Solis (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   ()
6:40 PM W helicity and top quark polarizations - Marcel Vreeswijk (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   ()
7:30 PM
WG3 (until 9:35 PM) ()
7:30 PM Towards B→Xs​γ at the NNLO in QCD without interpolation in mc - Abdur Rehman Abdur Rehman (National Centre for Physics (PK)) Abdur Rehman (National Centre for Physics, Islamabad)   ()
7:55 PM Radiative B decays at LHCb - Carla Marin Benito (CERN)   ()
8:20 PM Radiative B decays at Belle II - Markus Roehrken (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Markus Roehrken (California Institute of Technology) Markus Roehrken (CERN)   ()
8:45 PM Rare D decays at LHCb - Davide Brundu (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT))   ()
9:10 PM Rare D decays at BES III - Liang Sun (Wuhan University (CN)) Liang Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))   ()
7:30 PM
WG4 - Matthew Wingate (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM Lattice QCD - J Tobias Tsang (CP3-Origins, The University of Southern Denmark)   ()
7:55 PM Flavour specific decay B_s to D_s+ pi- for BSM searches via flavour specific CP asymmetries - Aleksey Rusov (University of Durham)   ()
8:20 PM QCD corrections to Delta Gamma_s - Vladyslav Shtabovenko Vladyslav Shtabovenko (Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Muenchen (DE)) Vladyslav Shtabovenko (TUM) Vladyslav Shtabovenko (KIT)   ()
8:45 PM New physics in B mixing - Luiz Vale Silva   ()
9:10 PM B to J/ψ Κ penguin pollution - Kristof Antoon M De Bruyn (University of Groningen)   ()
9:45 PM
WG2&4&5 - Veronika Georgieva Chobanova (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)) (until 11:59 PM) ()
9:45 PM HFLAV overview - Ulrik Egede (Monash University (AU))   ()
10:10 PM Results from CKMfitter - Wenbin Qian (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))   ()
10:30 PM Results from UTfit - Fabio Ferrari (University of Bologna and INFN (IT))   ()
10:50 PM General B decays theory - Tobias Huber (University of Maryland & NIST) Tobias Huber (University of Siegen)   ()
11:15 PM New ideas on CKM angle $\alpha$ measurements - Jeremy Peter Dalseno (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   ()
11:40 PM Puzzles in the $B_s \rightarrow D_s K$ system - Eleftheria Malami (Nikhef)   ()
10:00 PM
WG7 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM SMEFT interpretation of ∆F = 2 transitions - Jason Aebischer (TUM) Jason Aebischer (University of Bern) Jason Aebischer   ()
10:25 PM Charm mixing and Charm Lifetimes - Maria Laura Piscopo Maria Laura Piscopo (IPPP)   ()
10:50 PM HFLAV Update on Charm mixing and CPV - Alan Schwartz (University of Cincinnati (US))   ()
11:15 PM Null test BSM searches with rare charm baryon decays - Marcel Golz   ()
5:00 PM
WG1 (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM Vus, Vcd and Vcs at Belle II - Jitendra Kumar (IIT Bombay) Jitendra Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, US) Jitendra Kumar (CMU, Pittsburgh) Jitendra Kumar Jitendra Kumar (IIT Bombay)   ()
5:25 PM Charm decays at BESIII - Jianfeng Shangguan   ()
5:50 PM BSM searches with (semi)leptonic charm decays - Svjetlana Fajfer S Fajfer (Univ. of Ljubljana and Inst. J. Stefan)   ()
6:15 PM Charm decays at LHCb - Louis Henry (CERN)   ()
5:00 PM
WG2 (until 7:00 PM) ()
5:00 PM HAMMER - Michele Papucci (California Institute of Technology)   ()
5:25 PM Theory review of B to D(*)lnu - Martin Jung (Università di Torino & INFN)   ()
5:50 PM Light-cone Sum Rules predictions for B decays - Nico Gubernari (Universität Siegen)   ()
6:15 PM Exclusive |Vub| determinations using Padé Approximants - Sergi Gonzalez-solis (Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS) Sergi Gonzalez-Solis (IFAE-UAB) Sergi Gonzalez-Solis   ()
6:25 PM Discussion on inclusive vs exclusive CKM discrepancies - Florian Urs Bernlochner (University of Bonn (DE))   ()
7:30 PM
WG2&3 (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM R(D(*)) at LHCb + news from anomalies workshop from LHCb - Luke George Scantlebury Smead (University of Oxford (GB))   ()
7:55 PM R(K(*) at LHCb and Belle II - Renato Quagliani (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH))   ()
8:20 PM QED corrections: open challenges - Robert Szafron (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
8:45 PM On the R(K(*)) theory error - Saad NABEEBACCUS (IJCLab)   ()
7:30 PM
WG5 (until 9:30 PM) ()
7:30 PM NP in B0(s) -> D(*)(s) K / pi - Syuhei Iguro (Nagoya University)   ()
7:55 PM Search for baryon CP violation at LHCb - Matteo Bartolini (University of Cambridge (GB))   ()
8:20 PM fL measurements with B->VV decays at LHCb - Asier Pereiro Castro (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   ()
8:45 PM Strong phase measurements at BESIII - Xinyu Shan (University of Science and Technology of China)   ()
9:55 PM
WG2 - Racha Cheaib (DESY) (until 11:59 PM) ()
9:55 PM B to D(*) semileptonic decay form factors in LQCD - Takashi Kaneko (KEK)   ()
10:20 PM B(s) to D(s)(*) and Bc decays in LQCD - Judd Harrison (University of Glasgow)   ()
10:45 PM Belle II results on B semileptonic decays - Nadia Toutounji   ()
11:10 PM CKM elements measurements with SL B decays at LHCb - Basem Khanji (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))   ()
11:35 PM B to pi/K and Bs to K form factors in LQCD - Andrew Lytle (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Andrew Lytle (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
10:00 PM
WG3 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Review of K->pinunu - Yu-Chen Tung (National Taiwan University)   ()
10:25 PM Rare K decays - Evgueni Goudzovski (University of Birmingham)   ()
10:50 PM LQCD status of eps'/eps, epsilon_K,K->pinunu - Mattia Bruno (CERN)   ()
11:15 PM eps'/eps in the SM & beyond - Andrzej Buras (Technical University Munich)   ()
11:40 PM K->pinunu and B anomalies - David Marzocca (INFN Trieste) David Marzocca   ()
10:00 PM
WG6 (until 11:59 PM) ()
10:00 PM Top and Beauty synergies in SMEFT-fits at present and future colliders - Gudrun Hiller (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen)   ()
10:25 PM Lepton Flavour Universality measurements - Gianantonio Pezzullo (Yale University)   ()
10:50 PM EFT interpretation of low-PT results - Vasiliki Mitsou (Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES))   ()
11:15 PM EFT interpretation of high-PT results - Ashish Sharma (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))   ()
5:00 PM
Plenary Session (until 6:45 PM) ()
5:00 PM WG1 Summary - Martin Gonzalez-Alonso (Universidad de Valencia) Lei Li (Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology) Emilie Passemar   ()
5:35 PM WG2 Summary - Racha Cheaib (DESY) Mark Smith (Imperial College (GB)) Alejandro Vaquero Avilés-Casco (University of Utah)   ()
6:10 PM WG3 Summary - Elisa Manoni (Universita e INFN, Perugia (IT)) Diego Guadagnoli (LAPTh Annecy) Christoph Michael Langenbruch (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   ()
7:15 PM
Plenary Session (until 8:25 PM) ()
7:15 PM WG4 Summary - Yosuke Yusa Matthew Wingate Veronika Georgieva Chobanova (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   ()
7:50 PM WG5 Summary - Wenbin Qian (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)) Resmi Puthumanaillam (Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS/IN2P3, CPPM, Marseille, France) Joachim Brod (University of Cincinnati)   ()
9:00 PM
Plenary Session (until 10:25 PM) ()
9:00 PM WG6 Summary - Umberto De Sanctis (INFN e Universita Roma Tor Vergata (IT)) Matthias Komm (CERN)   ()
9:35 PM WG7 Summary - Adam Davis (University of Manchester (GB))   ()
10:10 PM Closing - Timothy Gershon (University of Warwick (GB)) Phillip Urquijo (University of Melbourne (AU))   ()