Apr 4 – 10, 2022
Auditorium Maximum UJ
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Relativistic spin hydrodynamics with torsion and linear response theory for spin relaxation

Apr 6, 2022, 11:10 AM
medium aula A (Auditorium Maximum UJ)

medium aula A

Auditorium Maximum UJ

Oral presentation Chirality, vorticity and spin polarization Parallel Session T02: Chirality, vorticity and spin polarization


Masaru Hongo (RIKEN)


Using the second law of local thermodynamics and the first-order Palatini formalism, we formulate relativistic spin hydrodynamics for quantum field theories with Dirac fermions, such as QED and QCD, in a torsionful curved background. We work in a regime where spin density, which is assumed to relax much slower than other non-hydrodynamic modes, is treated as an independent degree of freedom in an extended hydrodynamic description. Spin hydrodynamics in our approach contains only three non-hydrodynamic modes corresponding to a spin vector, whose relaxation time is controlled by a new transport coefficient: the rotational viscosity. We study linear response theory and observe an interesting mode mixing phenomenon between the transverse shear and the spin density modes. We propose several field-theoretical ways to compute the spin relaxation time and the rotational viscosity, via the Green-Kubo formula based on retarded correlation functions.

Primary authors

Ho-Ung Yee (University of Illinois at Chicago / RBRC) Masaru Hongo (RIKEN) Matthias Kaminski Misha Stephanov (UIC) Xu-Guang Huang

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