Apr 4 – 10, 2022
Auditorium Maximum UJ
Europe/Warsaw timezone
Proceedings submission deadline extended to August 15, 2022

Gluon shadowing and the role of the $c \bar c g$-Fock state in the diffractive photoproduction of $J/\psi$

Apr 6, 2022, 7:10 PM
Poster Ultra-peripheral collisions Poster Session 2 T08 / T09


Wolfgang Schaefer


We discuss the role of $c \bar c g$-Fock states in the diffractive photoproduction of J/ψ-mesons on heavy nuclei. We build on our earlier description of the process in the color-dipole approach, where we took into account the rescattering of $c \bar c$ pairs using a Glauber-Gribov form of the dipole-nucleus amplitude. The results of our calculations are compared to recent data on the photoproduction of J/ψ by the ALICE and LHCb collaborations. We argue that our results can be interpreted as a model calculation of shadowing in the gluon distribution of a heavy nucleus at a low factorization scale.

Primary authors

Agnieszka Łuszczak (Cracow University of Technolog & DESY Hamburg) Wolfgang Schaefer

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