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Jun 13 – 23, 2022
Europe/Rome timezone

Restaurants, bar and nighlife at Catania centre

This is a short non-exhaustive list of recommended places in the historic center of Catania.

Trattorias and Restaurants:

  • Vico San Barnabà, Via Santa Barbara, 67 
  • Bell'Antonio: Piazzetta Sebastiano Addamo 3
  • Razmataz: Via Montesano 17
  • Osteria Antica Marina: Via Pardo 29 
  • Trattoria De Fiore: Via Coppola 26
  • Pescheria Fratelli Vittorio: Via Dusmet 1
  • Ostier Vinoteca: Via Vittorio Emanuele II 81
  • Vineria Picasso: Piazza Ogninella 4/5
  • Materia Prima: Via Dusmet 21/23
  • Trattoria Casalinga: Via Biondi 19
  • Al Vicolo Pizza&vino: Via del Colosseo 5/7
  • Il Sale Art Café: Via S. Filomena 10/12
  • La Polpetteria: Via S. Filomena 48
  • Colapesce: Viale XX Settembre 78
  • Il Giardino di Bacco: Via Etnea 704

Via S. Filomena, Via Coppola and the surrounding areas the Bellini Theater are full of other restaurants and trattorias, in addition to those already mentioned.


Some recommended bars / patisseries:

  • Nonna Vincenza: Piazza San Placido
  • Bar Prestipino: Via Etnea 30/32
  • Pasticceria Spinella: Via Etnea 292
  • Pasticceria Savia: Via Etnea 302/304
  • Bar Mantegna: Via Etnea 350



Two of the most popular nightclubs for young people are:

  • Cappella Bonajuto, Via Bonajuto 9/13 (entirely underground, suggestive in its own way, a little bleak, but adored by young "dark")
  • I Quattro Venti, Via Dusmet 53 (while the other clubs become fashionable or go out of style, this remains, has always been "in" for years)



All places are reachable with a maximum of 20 minutes walk from the Hotel Mediterraneo. A small map with the walking path to Via Santa Filomena, to Via Coppola and another couple of interesting places is below. The same map can be viewed with more details here