Jan 10 – 14, 2022
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FERS-5200: a distributed Front-End Readout System for multidetector arrays

Jan 11, 2022, 1:50 PM
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Yuri Venturini


Modern physics experiments usually rely on very big experimental setup where it is possible to find a wide variety of detectors: silicon microstrip trackers, plastic scintillator calorimeters, LAr cryostats readout by a Time Projection Chamber, spectrometers composed of several drift tubes and resistive plate chambers. Moreover, other large and medium scale setups for the search of neutrinos and astroparticles use thousands of scintillation detectors read out by photomultipliers or SiPMs. Nowadays, waveform digitizers and/or ASIC-based front-end cards are well-established readout electronics to build a reliable system hosting many readout channels.
The FERS-5200 is the new CAEN Front-End Readout System, answering the challenging requirement to provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the readout of huge detector arrays. FERS-5200 is a distributed and easy-scalable platform integrating the whole readout chain of the experiment, from detector front-end to DAQ. It is based on compact ASIC-based front-end cards integrating A/D conversion and data processing, which can be ideally spread over a large detector volume without drawbacks on the readout performance. Synchronization, event building and DAQ is managed by a single Concentrator board, capable of sustaining thousands of readout channels.
Using the appropriate Front-End, the solution perfectly fits a wide range of detectors such as SiPMs, multianode PMTs, GEMs, Silicon Strip detectors, Wire Chambers, Gas Tubes, etc, thus matching the requirements of different applications.

Primary authors

Andrea Abba (Nuclear Instruments Srls) Yuri Venturini Carlo Tintori (CAEN SpA) Massimo Venaruzzo (CAEN SpA) Nicola Paoli (CAEN SpA)

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