Jan 10 – 14, 2022
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Precision SM Measurements

Jan 10, 2022, 8:30 AM
Online only

Online only


Precision SM Measurements: 1

  • Pippa Wells (CERN)

Precision SM Measurements: 2

  • Hafeez Hoorani (National Centre for Physics (PK))

Precision SM Measurements: Poster session

  • There are no conveners in this block

Precision SM Measurements: Parallel 1

  • Junjie Zhu (University of Michigan (US))

Precision SM Measurements: Parallel 2

  • Reinhild Peters (University of Manchester (GB))

Precision SM Measurements: Parallel 3

  • Gregory Soyez (IPhT, CEA Saclay)

Precision SM Measurements: Parallel 4

  • Oldrich Kepka (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))

Precision SM Measurements: 3

  • Florian Urs Bernlochner (University of Bonn (DE))

Presentation materials

There are no materials yet.
Emanuele Di Marco (INFN, Roma 1 (IT))
1/10/22, 8:30 AM
Plenary talk
Ravindran Vajravelu (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
1/10/22, 9:00 AM
Plenary talk
Oldrich Kepka (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))
1/10/22, 9:30 AM
Plenary talk
Andrea Helen Knue (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (DE))
1/10/22, 10:30 AM
Plenary talk
Vieri Candelise (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))
1/10/22, 11:00 AM
Plenary talk
Gregory Soyez (IPhT, CEA Saclay)
1/10/22, 11:30 AM
Plenary talk
Umberto Tamponi (INFN Torino (IT))
1/13/22, 9:00 AM
Plenary talk
Sasa Prelovsek
1/13/22, 9:30 AM
Plenary talk
Giuseppe Bruno (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))
1/13/22, 10:00 AM
Plenary talk
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