15-19 February 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

Direct Detection of Dark Matter: Precision Predictions in a Simplified Model Framework

19 Feb 2021, 14:12
virtual (online only) (CERN)

virtual (online only)



Christoph Borschensky (University of Tübingen)


We present a calculation of the next-to-leading order QCD corrections for the scattering of Dark Matter particles off nucleons in the framework of simplified models with $s$- and $t$-channel mediators. These results are matched to the Wilson coefficients and operators of an effective field theory that is generally used for the presentation of experimental results on spin-independent and spin-dependent direct detection rates.

Detailed phenomenological studies illustrate the complementary reach of collider searches for Dark Matter and the direct detection experiments CRESST and XENON. In the case of cancellation effects in the tree-level contributions, one-loop corrections can have a particularly large impact on exclusion limits in the case of combined $s + t$-channel models.

Primary authors

Christoph Borschensky (University of Tübingen) Gabriele Coniglio (University of Tübingen) Barbara Jäger (University of Tubingen) Josef Jochum (Universitaet Tuebingen) Vincent Schipperges

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