(Re)interpreting the results of new physics searches at the LHC

from Monday, 15 February 2021 (13:00) to Friday, 19 February 2021 (18:00)
CERN (virtual (online only))

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15 Feb 2021
16 Feb 2021
17 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021
Tutorials and hands-ons (until 12:00) (virtual (online only))
11:00 Hands on SModelS - Jan Heisig (RWTH Aachen University) Andre Lessa (CCNH - Univ. Federal do ABC) Jan Heisig (Université catholique de Louvain (UCL))   (virtual (online only))
Tutorials and hands-ons (until 12:00) (virtual (online only))
10:00 Hands-on SMEFTsim - Ilaria Brivio (University of Heidelberg)   (virtual (online only))
11:00 MARTY: A C++ framework to automate theoretical calculations for BSM phenomenology - Mr Grégoire Uhlrich   (virtual (online only))
Tutorials and hands-ons (until 12:00) (virtual (online only))
10:00 CheckMATE tutorial - Jong Soo Kim Mangesh Sonawane (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT))   (virtual (online only))
11:00 Elevenses over MadAnalysis 5 - Jack Araz (IPPP - Durham University)   (virtual (online only))
Tutorials and hands-ons (until 12:00) (virtual (online only))
10:00 Contur tutorial - Martin Habedank (Humboldt University of Berlin (DE)) Jonathan Butterworth (UCL)   (virtual (online only))
Workshop talks (until 15:00) (virtual (online only))
13:00 Introduction and overview of the workshop - Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble)   (virtual (online only))
13:20 Z'-explorer: confronting Z' models against LHC data - Rosa María Sandá Seoane (International Center for Advanced Studies)   (virtual (online only))
13:45 New and future developments in MadAnalysis 5 for LHC recasting - Jack Araz (IPPP - Durham University)   (virtual (online only))
14:10 SModelS v2.0: new features and developments - Andre Lessa (CCNH - Univ. Federal do ABC)   (virtual (online only))
14:35 A shortcut to new physics: using the archive of LHC measurements to constrain BSM models - Martin Habedank (Humboldt University of Berlin (DE))   (virtual (online only))
15:00 --- coffee/tea break ---
Workshop talks (until 17:30) (virtual (online only))
15:30 Open Science Needs Open Likelihoods - Harrison Prosper (Florida State University (US))   (virtual (online only))
16:00 ATLAS approach to releasing likelihoods for reinterpretation - Eric Schanet (Ludwig Maximilians Universitat (DE))   (virtual (online only))
16:30 CMS Policies and Practises on providing information for reinterpretations - Jose Ruiz (Universidad de Antioquia (CO))   (virtual (online only))
17:00 Likelihoods and more at LHCb - Patrick Haworth Owen (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))   (virtual (online only))
Workshop talks (until 15:00) (virtual (online only))
13:00 Recent developments in CheckMATE 2 - Zeren Simon Wang   (virtual (online only))
13:25 Probing Dark Matter with Disappearing Tracks at the LHC - Alexander Belyaev (University of Southampton & Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   (virtual (online only))
13:45 Recasting the CMS Disappearing Track search - Mark Dayvon Goodsell (Univ. P. et Marie Curie Paris VI (FR))   (virtual (online only))
14:05 Discussion on validating ATLAS Disappearing Track recasts - Suchita Kulkarni (University of Graz)   (virtual (online only))
14:25 Review of recent searches for long-lived particles at the LHC - Federico Leo Redi (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH))   (virtual (online only))
14:50 more discussion time   (virtual (online only))
15:00 --- coffee/tea break ---
Workshop talks (until 17:30) (virtual (online only))
15:30 Probing Higgs Sectors with Limits and Measurements - Jonas Wittbrodt (Lund University)   (virtual (online only))
16:00 LHC measurements and additional information to use in global fits/EFT interpretations - Andrew Gilbert (Northwestern University (US))   (virtual (online only))
16:30 Theory aspects of EFT interpretation - Ilaria Brivio (University of Heidelberg)   (virtual (online only))
17:00 Effective field theory interpretations of LHC data using Fitmaker - Tevong You (University of Cambridge)   (virtual (online only))
Workshop talks (until 15:00) (virtual (online only))
13:00 FAIR principles for Open Science [keynote talk] - Barend Mons (LUMC Leiden)   (virtual (online only))
13:30 Publishing results and data of direct detection experiments - Knut Moraa (Columbia University)   (virtual (online only))
14:00 Pitfalls and challenges interpreting direct detection data - Christopher McCabe (King's College London)   (virtual (online only))
14:30 Interpreting and combining neutrino oscillation data - Eligio Lisi   (virtual (online only))
15:00 --- coffee/tea break ---
Workshop talks (until 17:30) (virtual (online only))
15:30 On reinterpretation of high-intensity experiments - Yotam Soreq (WIS)   (virtual (online only))
16:00 ATLAS SimpleAnalysis: "You can handle the truth!" - Jeanette Miriam Lorenz (Ludwig Maximilians Universitat (DE))   (virtual (online only))
16:30 Working with CMS Open Data: a report from the first hands-on workshop - Edgar Fernando Carrera Jarrin (Universidad San Francisco de Quito (EC))   (virtual (online only))
17:00 GWOSC: Gravitational Wave Open Science Center - Agata TROVATO (CNRS)   (virtual (online only))
Workshop talks (until 15:30) (virtual (online only))
13:00 Pitfalls in likelihood land - Andrew Fowlie (Nanjing Normal University)   (virtual (online only))
13:30 Enhancing likelihood distribution with the DNNLikelihood framework - Andrea Coccaro (INFN Genova (IT))   (virtual (online only))
14:00 Artificial Proto-Modelling: Building Precursors of a Next Standard Model from Simplified Model Results - Wolfgang Waltenberger (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT))   (virtual (online only))
14:30 --- coffee/tea break ---
15:00 The LHC Olympics 2020: A Community Challenge for Anomaly Detection in High Energy Physics - Ben Nachman (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (virtual (online only))
Tutorials and hands-ons (until 17:30) (virtual (online only))
15:30 Hands on MadMiner - Kyle Stuart Cranmer (New York University (US))   (virtual (online only))
16:30 pyhf: pure-python HistFactory -- the tutorial - Giordon Holtsberg Stark (University of California,Santa Cruz (US)) Matthew Feickert (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US)) Lukas Alexander Heinrich (CERN)   (virtual (online only))
Workshop talks (until 14:30) (virtual (online only))
13:00 Recasting searches for pp -> A(H) -> ZH(A) -> l+l- bb (and other processes) onto 2HDM parameter spaces - Souad Semlali   (virtual (online only))
13:18 Type-III Seesaw: Phenomenological Implications of the Information Lost in Decoupling from High-Energy to Low-Energy - Saiyad Ashanujjaman (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar)   (virtual (online only))
13:36 Exploring Multilepton Signatures From Dark Matter at the LHC - Arran Charles Freegard (Queen Mary University of London (GB))   (virtual (online only))
13:54 EWino searches in CheckMate and $(g-2)_\mu$ in the MSSM - Manimala Chakraborti   (virtual (online only))
14:12 Direct Detection of Dark Matter: Precision Predictions in a Simplified Model Framework - Christoph Borschensky (University of Tübingen)   (virtual (online only))
14:30 --- coffee/tea break ---
Workshop talks (until 15:40) (virtual (online only))
14:55 Constraining Electroweakinos in the Minimal Dirac Gaugino Model - Humberto Reyes-González (University of Genoa)   (virtual (online only))
15:15 Towards GAMBIT 2.0 - Anders Kvellestad (University of Oslo)   (virtual (online only))
Discussion (until 16:10) (virtual (online only))
Discussion (until 16:40) (virtual (online only))