27 September 2004 to 1 October 2004
Interlaken, Switzerland
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Participation of Russian sites in the Data Challenge of ALICE experiment in 2004

29 Sep 2004, 10:00
Coffee (Interlaken, Switzerland)


Interlaken, Switzerland

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G. Shabratova (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR))


The report presents an analysis of the Alice Data Challenge 2004. This Data Challenge has been performed on two different distributed computing environments. The first one is the Alice Environment for distributed computing (AliEn) used standalone. Presently this environment allows ALICE physicists to obtain results on simulation, reconstruction and analysis of data in ESD format for AA and pp collisions at LHC energies. The second environment is the LCG-2 middleware accessed via AliEn with the help of an interface, developed at INFN. Three Russian sites have been configured as AliEn nodes for the Data Challenge. These sites (IHEP at Protvino, ITEP in Moscow and JINR at Dubna) could run a maximal of 86 jobs. The initial analysis shows that the architecture of one site was not adequate for distributed computing. Another farm had nodes with insufficient RAM for efficient job processing. All these problems have been cured subsequent DC phases. Actions have also been taken to reduce the downtime due to wrong site configuration. The local AliEn server installed at the JINR site has been used as a standard configuration for the other Russian sites. The total number of jobs processed in Russia constitute ~2% of total run in the ALICE DC 2004.

Primary authors

A. Selivanov (ITEP, Moscow) A. Zarochencev (SPbSU) E. Ryabinkin (KIAE, Moscow) G. Shabratova (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) V. Dobretsov (KIAE, Moscow) V. Kolosov (ITEP) V. Korenkov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) V. Mitcin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) V. Zolotarev (SPbSU) Y. Bugaenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) Y. Kharlov (State Res.Center of Russian Feder. HEP Inst (IFVE)) Y. Lyublev (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP))

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