27 September 2004 to 1 October 2004
Interlaken, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

Composite Framework for CMS Applications

27 Sep 2004, 17:30
Brunig (Interlaken, Switzerland)


Interlaken, Switzerland

oral presentation Track 3 - Core Software Core Software


I. Osborne (Northeastern University, Boston, USA)


We present a composite framework which exploits the advantages of the CMS data model and uses a novel approach for building CMS simulation, reconstruction, visualisation and future analysis applications. The framework exploits LCG SEAL and CMS COBRA plug-ins and extends the COBRA framework to pass communications between the GUI and event threads, using SEAL callbacks to navigate through the metadata and event data interactively in a distributed environment. We give examples of current applications based on this framework, including CMS test-beams, geometry description debugging, GEANT4 simulation, event reconstruction, and the verification of reconstruction and higher level trigger algorithms.

Primary authors

G. Eulisse (Northeastern University) I. Osborne (Northeastern University, Boston, USA) L. Taylor (Northeastern University) L. Tuura (Northeastern University) S. Muzaffar (Northeastern University) V. Innocente (CERN)

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