Sep 20 – 24, 2021
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Effects of Magnetic Filter SMF on the Reduction in Co-Extracted Electrons for Cs-free Negative Ion Source Using TPDsheet-U

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Mr Hiroki Kaminaga (Tokai university)


TPDsheet-U[1] has been designed to research behaviors of the negative hydrogen ions (H${^−}$) in the high-density sheet-plasma, which is optimized for volume production. Also, H${^−}$ is produced by volume production at periphery of sheet plasma.[2] The reduction of the electron co-extraction is an essential issue for all negative-ion sources. We are currently researching the extraction system for reduction of the co-extracted electrons.[3,4] In this contribution, we represent the improved extraction system on TPDsheet-U by attaching the soft magnetic material plate for magnetic filter (SMF) on plasma grid for reduction of co-extraction electrons. The minimum current ratio I${_e}$/I${_H}$- and H${^−}$ current density J${_H}$- was ~0.2 and 2.2mA/cm${^2}$ at discharge current of 50A.
[1]K.Hanai, et al., Plasma Fusion Res. (2020).
[2]K.Hanai, et al., Fusion Eng. Des. (2019).
[3]H. Kaminaga, et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum. (2020).
[4]H. Kaminaga, et al., Fusion Eng. Des. (2021).

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Funding Information National institute for fusion science, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Primary author

Mr Hiroki Kaminaga (Tokai university)


Mr Ryuichi Onuma (Tokai university) Mr Taiga Goka (Tokai university) Dr Toshikio Takimoto (Tokai university) Prof. Akira Tonegawa (Tokai university) Prof. Kohnosuke Sato (Tokyo University of Science)

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