Sep 20 – 24, 2021
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Deceleration Characteristics of Multicharged Ion Beams from Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source

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Koichi Sato (Osaka Univ.)


At present it is necessary the satellite lifetime 10-15 years for operate in space. Xenon is used as fuel for ion engines of satellites. There are problems of accumulated damages at irradiation and sputtering by low energy Xe ion from the engine. It is required to construct experimentally sputtering yield of ion beams in the low energy region from several hundred eV to 1keV. We are trying to investigate experimentally sputtering yield on satellite component by irradiating the low energy Xeq+ ion beams. We use the electron cyclotron resonance ion source (ECRIS, Osaka University), which produces a various species of ion beams. In the irradiation experiments, it is necessary to decelerate the beam energy to several hundred eV. It is found we cannot neglect the contribution of the space potential of the plasma in the ion source of several tens eV.  In this study, we also measured the plasma parameters and ion beam deceleration characteristics in operating conditions on ECRIS.

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Primary author

Koichi Sato (Osaka Univ.)


Shuhei Harisaki (Osaka Univ.) Wataru Kubo (Osaka Univ.) Issei Owada (Osaka Univ.) Kazuki Tsuda (Osaka Univ.) Masahiro Anan (Osaka Univ.) Yushi Kato (Osaka Univ.)

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