Sep 20 – 24, 2021
America/Vancouver timezone

The Negative Ionization of Hydrogen, Deuterium, Tritium, Muonium and Positronium Particles on Metal Surfaces with Low Work Function

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Vadim Dudnikov (Muons, Inc)


In this work is calculated a probability of negative ionization of hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, muonium and positronium particles on metal surfaces with low work function, which is an important for the field of the surface plasma negative ion sources. We present the theoretical model for the computer calculation of the negative ionization probability of these particles. These particles have different masses and have different velocity for the same energy. By this reason these particles have different probabilities for loss electron during moving from the surface

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Primary authors

Dr Ivan Gainulin (MSU) Vadim Dudnikov (Muons, Inc)

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