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Sep 6 – 8, 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone
In recent years experiments worldwide have reported several tensions arising from anomalies observed in the decays of B mesons and in properties of leptons.
This workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss ongoing and planned precision measurements (at Belle II and elsewhere), and to discuss theoretical developments that might suggest new or better observables accessible or exclusive for the Belle II experiment. The aim is to consider these anomalies and their interplay across different topics (for example, but not limited to B-meson decays, precision studies of lepton properties, or dark sector searches). If a pattern is emerging, suggesting some favored new physics scenarios as explanations of the anomalies, it is essential that "no stones are left unturned" to confirm it or rule it out.

The event will take place in a hybrid form with in-person participation limited to ~30 participants in the Vienna area, and up to ~30 remote participant.
Participation in the workshop is exclusively by invitation. Interested people can however apply and request to participate.

Gianluca Inguglia (chair), OEAW
Brigitte De Monte (Secretary), OEAW
Andreas Crivellin, PSI and CERN
Christoph Schwanda, OEAW
Susanne Westhoff, Heidelberg University