Sep 6 – 8, 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone

Workshop Topics & Speakers

The workshop will focus on different theoretical and experimental aspects of flavor anomalies, particularly regarding observables accessible (but not limited) to Belle II.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that will be covered and the associated confirmed speakers (Updated on June 25).

Opening speaker
Alessandro Gaz
Closing speaker
Tom Browder

B physics
b->sll, b->ctaunu, P_5', A_FB, MC generators
Mitesh Patel (LHCb), Nazila Mamohudi (Theory), Alexey Sibidanov (Belle II MC), Seema Choudhury (Belle II), Joe Davighi (Theory), Rusa Mandal (Theory), Alexey Rusov (Theory), Florian Bernlochner (Belle II MC), Matthew Kirk (Theory), Jacky Kumar (Theory), Daniel Ferlewicz (Theory), Monika Blanke (Theory), Manca Mrvar (Belle II), Gaetano De Marino (Belle II), Filippo Dattola (Belle II), Luka Santlej (Belle II), Marcella Bona (ATLAS).

Dark sector
Search for dark Higgs boson, visible/invisible Z', dark photon, long-lived particles
Michel Bertemes (Belle II), Sophie Renner (Theory), Nastya Filimonova (GAZELLE), Xabier Cid Vidal (LHCb), Felix Kahlhoefer (Theory), Laura Zani (Belle II), Marco Fedele (Theory), Michele Tammaro (Theory), Thomas Czank (Belle).

tau physics
V_us determination from tau decays, tests of LFU in leptonic/hadronic tau decays
Petar Rados (Belle II), Alberto Martini (Belle II), Claudia Cornella (Theory), Armine Rostomyan (Belle II), Alberto Lusiani (HFLAV).

Magnetic moments of leptons
Muon, tau, neutrinos
Vedran Brdar (Theory), Mateo Fael (Theory), Dominik Stoeckinger (Theory+Exp).