Public transport

For information about public transport in the Copenhagen area, please go to the page . The price of tickets follows a zone system. You can freely change between all modes of transport (bus, metro, train) for one hour. Most of Copenhagen is in zones 1 and 2 which requires a 2-zone ticket. However, to and from the airport you will need a 3-zone ticket.

The DOT ticket app for your mobile phone is useful for finding the connection and buying at ticket using your credit card. Tickets can also be bought at train stations (including the airport) in automates, but on the buses you can only buy them from the driver using cash/coins.

Prices:  a 2-zone tickets costs 24 DKK , a 3-zone ticket costs 30 DKK. You can also get a 5-day ticket with free transport in central Copenhagen (City Pass Small), including to the airport for 300 DKK.


From Copenhagen Airport to Wakeup Hotel (Borgergade 9):

Recommend: Metro Line 2 (M2) from Copenhagen Aiport to Kongens Nytorv (13 minutes, 8 stops), followed by a 6-minute walk. [Click here]. 

The ticket can be purchased at the airport via the following machine upon arrival. You need a 3-zone ticket which costs 30 DKK (valid for one hour). You can pay with your credit card. 

From Copenhagen Airport to A&O hotel

If you get the junior's support and stay at A & O Hotel, you can take the M2 line (change at Kongens Nytorv, the M3 line to Skjolds Plads stop from where you can walk 5 minutes to the hotel. A 3-zone ticket (costs 30 DKK) is needed. 

Caution: If you stay in other hotels, please check the public transport in advance. The price may differ depending on how many zones you will go through. You might get a fine of 700 DKK if a wrong ticket is bought. 

From Wakeup Hotel to Lundbeckfond-auditorium (where we have the plenary session) 

You can take bus 6A combined with a 14-minute walk [click here], or you can walk for 35 minutes. The bus ticket costs 24 DKK. Pay the driver with cash/coins or on the DOT app before entering the bus.


From A&O Hotel to the Lundbeckfond-auditorium

We highly recommend you walk there, which takes 18 minutes in total. Or you can also take bus 6A (with a 2-zone ticket, 24 DKK, pay the driver with cash/coins or on the DOT app before entering the bus) following the guide below: