LF(U)V Workshop

BIN-0-K.02 (University of Zurich)


University of Zurich

Binzmühlestrasse 14 8050 Zürich
Claudio Andrea Manzari (University of Zurich (CH)), Felix Wilsch, Fiona Kirk, Julie Pages, Nudzeim Selimovic

LF(U)V Workshop: July 04-06, 2022

This workshop focuses on lepton flavor violation (LFV) and lepton flavor universality violation (LFUV) in particle physics. Searches for these effects are particularly promising tests of the Standard Model (SM) as they involve very clean observables within the reach of current and near-future experiments. Hints for LFUV have shown up in different semileptonic B decays at LHCb and in other experiments. If confirmed, this would be a clear sign for physics beyond the SM, requiring the development of new fundamental theories. 

This workshop is geared towards young researchers (of both theoretical and experimental particle physics) and aims at giving them the opportunity to gain a better overview of the theory and current efforts in the experimental searches for lepton flavour (universality) violation. Theoretical review talks and more in-depth presentations on recent theoretical and experimental developments will be given by leading experts in the field. During and after all presentations there will be ample time for exchange and discussions. Furthermore, a platform will be offered to the young researchers to present their current work.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Wolfgang Altmannshofer (UC Santa Cruz)

  • Marzia Bordone (CERN)

  • Sacha Davidson (U. Montpellier)

  • Javier Fuentes-Martín (Granada U.)

  • Martin Hoferichter (Bern U.)

  • Tobias Hurth (Mainz U.)

  • Patrick Owen (Zurich U.)

  • Angela Papa (PSI)

  • Peter Stangl (Bern U.)


Due to an improved funding situation, we are able to wave the participation fee for the workshop dinner.

Registrations are now closed.

The workshop is held at the University of Zurich in Switzerland in a completely on-site format.

Funding by the UZH Graduate Campus, the Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies, and the UZH Alumni is gratefully acknowledged.


Fiona Kirk, Claudio Andrea Manzari, Julie Pagès, Nudžeim Selimović, and Felix Wilsch

  • Aleks Smolkovic
  • Amir Khan
  • Anders Eller Thomsen
  • Andrea Gurgone
  • Andreas Crivellin
  • Annarita Buonaura
  • Antonio Coutinho
  • Arman Korajac
  • Ben Stefanek
  • Caterina Aruta
  • Clara Fernandez Castañer
  • Claudio Andrea Manzari
  • Cristina Martin Perez
  • Daniel Unverzagt
  • Emily Hampshire
  • Felix Wilsch
  • Fiona Kirk
  • Gino Isidori
  • Giovanni Dal Maso
  • Hector Gisbert Mullor
  • Hicham Benmansour
  • Iaroslava Bezshyiko
  • Jason Aebischer
  • Javier Fuentes-Martin
  • Javier M. Lizana
  • Jean-Loup Tastet
  • Joseph Davighi
  • Julie Pagès
  • Julien Laux
  • Katharina Schleicher
  • Kuldeep Deka
  • Luc Schnell
  • Ludovico VITTORIO
  • Lukas Allwicher
  • Majid Ekhterachian
  • Marco Ardu
  • Marco Milesi
  • Maria Carolina Feliciano Faria
  • Marko Pesut
  • Martina Ferrillo
  • Marvin Schnubel
  • Marzia Bordone
  • Mehmet Asim Gumus
  • Miaoyuan Liu
  • Michele Atzeni
  • Naman Kumar Bhalla
  • Nathaniel Sherrill
  • Nudzeim Selimovic
  • Patrick Owen
  • Peter Stangl
  • Peter Stoffer
  • Sacha Davidson
  • Sandro Mächler
  • Tobias Hurth
  • Tom Steudtner
  • Wolfgang Altmannshofer
  • Yannick Demets
  • Yi Chung
  • Òscar Lara Crosas