How to access the CERN computing network

CERN Computing Rules

Registration of all computers connected to CERN's network is obligatory - only registered computers are allowed network access.
Visitors can connect their private laptop to the CERN domain but at their own risks. CERN therefore accepts no liability for any breakdown, loss of data or any breach of confidentiality.
Visitors should also be aware of the Rules for Using CERN Computing Facilities (Operational Circular nº 5).


How to access the CERN network computing

Before arriving at CERN

Visitors WITHOUT a CERN Computing Account: • Register here
When asked for a contact person at CERN, please use the following:
Name:MAGE-GRANADOS First Name: Patricia
CERN Department: DG  CERN group: DI

Visitors or CERN users WITH a CERN NICE/mail account: • Register here

Once at CERN

When you try to open an Internet window you will be prompted with a registration form that you will need to fill in. See above for the contact person details.

More detailed (technical) information can be found in the IT Department webpages.