November 28, 2022 to December 2, 2022
IJCLab Orsay
Europe/Paris timezone

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Topics to be discussed include latest theoretical and experimental results on Soft and Hard QCD at the LHC on:

  • Higher Order and Resummed Calculations
  • Event Simulations and Monte Carlo Tools
  • Top, Higgs and EW Physics
  • Heavy-quark and Quarkonium Physics
  • Jet (substructure) Physics
  • Quark-Gluon Plasma & Multi Parton Interactions
  • Parton distributions from 1D to 5D
  • QCD for BSM studies

Local organising committee: Jean-Philippe Lansberg (IJCLab Orsay, Chair), Huasheng Shao (LPTHE Paris, co-chair), Samuel Wallon (IJCLab Orsay, co-chair), Ajjath Abdul Hameed (LPTHE Paris & IJCLab Orsay), Ekta Chaubey (INFN Torino & LPTHE Paris), Chris Flett (Jyvaskyla U. and Helsinki Inst. of Phys.), Kate Lynch (UC Dublin & IJCLab Orsay), Laure Massacrier (IJCLab Orsay), Saad Nabeebaccus (IJCLab Orsay), Yelyzaveta Yedelkina (IJCLab Orsay & UC Dublin)

International Advisory Committee: S. Alekhin (IHEP PROTVINO), J. Blümlein (DESY), C. Duhr (Bonn), R. K. Ellis (IPPP Durham), T. Gehrmann (Univ. Zürich), E.W. N. Glover (IPPP Durham), J. Huston (MSU), J. Katzy (DESY), F. Maltoni (UCLouvain & Bologna), M. Mangano (CERN), Z. Nagy (DESY), E. Rizvi (Queen Mary), F. Siegert (Dresden), D. Stöckinger (Dresden), Z. Trócsányi (Budapest), Doreen Wackeroth (Buffalo), Ciaran Williams (Buffalo).

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