Feb 4 – 10, 2023
Ghent University
Europe/Brussels timezone

Monday session

All posters must be presented in the assigned session. No session changes can be made. They should be hung on the board numbered with the submission ID, and must be removed at the end of the session. All posters remaining after the session will be removed and discarded.

Posters must fit on a portrait, A0 poster board. There is no on-site printing available. Due to the extremely large number of posters, we advise that you do not try to have your poster printed in Ghent.


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A selection of posters have been highlighted by the Program Committee.


The poster sessions will take place in the UFO (map)


ID Title Authors
7Relation between nonclassical features through logical quditsSooryansh Asthana and V. Ravishankar
8BBM92 quantum key distribution over a free space dusty channel of 200 metersSarika Mishra, Ayan Biswas and R.P. Singh
11The vacuum provides quantum advantage to otherwise simulatable architecturesCameron Calcluth, Alessandro Ferraro and Giulia Ferrini
13Fault-Tolerant Preparation of Quantum Polar Codes Encoding One Logical QubitAshutosh Kumar Goswami, Mehdi Mhalla and Valentin Savin
15Multipartite Entanglement Detection via Correlation Minor NormRain Lenny, Amit Te'Eni, Bar Peled and Eliahu Cohen
16The energetic cost of large-scale quantum computingMarco Fellous-Asiani, Jing Hao Chai, Yvain Thonnart, Hui Khoon Ng, Robert Whitney and Alexia Auffèves
18Out-of-distribution generalization for learning quantum dynamics and dynamical simulationMatthias C. Caro, Hsin-Yuan Huang, Joe Gibbs, Nic Ezzell, Andrew Sornborger, Lukasz Cincio, Patrick Coles and Zoe Holmes
27Quantum Regularized Least SquaresShantanav Chakraborty, Aditya Morolia and Anurudh Peduri
39Finite speed of quantum information in models of interacting bosons at finite densityChao Yin and Andrew Lucas
40Privacy and correctness trade-offs for information-theoretically secure quantum homomorphic encryptionYanglin Hu, Yingkai Ouyang and Marco Tomamichel
45Entanglement transitivity problemsGelo Noel Tabia, Kai-Siang Chen, Chung-Yun Hsieh, Yu-Chun Yin and Yeong-Cherng Liang
46Transformation of an unknown unitary operation: complex conjugationTomasz Młynik
49Phase Estimation of Local Hamiltonians on NISQ HardwareLaura Clinton, Johannes Bausch, Toby Cubitt and Joel Klassen
50Creating quantum-resistant classical-classical OWFs from quantum-classical OWFsWei Zheng Teo, Marco Carmosino and Lior Horesh
52Tailored cluster states with high threshold under biased noiseJahan Claes, Eli Bourassa and Shruti Puri
53Communication with Unreliable Entanglement AssistanceUzi Pereg, Christian Deppe and Holger Boche
56Optimal input states for quantifying the performance of continuous-variable unidirectional and bidirectional teleportationHemant Mishra, Samad Oskouei and Mark Wilde
57Pseudo standard entanglement structure cannot be distinguished from standard entanglement structureHayato Arai and Masahito Hayashi
58Detecting entanglement in quantum many-body systems via permutation momentsZhenhuan Liu, Yifan Tang, Hao Dai, Pengyu Liu, Shu Chen and Xiongfeng Ma
61Contextuality as a precondition for entanglementMartin Plávala and Otfried Gühne
63Avoiding barren plateaus using classical shadowsStefan Sack, Raimel Medina, Richard Kueng, Alexios Michailidis and Maksym Serbyn
64Transition states and greedy exploration of the QAOA optimization landscapeRaimel A. Medina Ramos, Stefan Sack, Richard Kueng and Maksym Serbyn
67State-dependent Trotter Limits and their approximationsDaniel Burgarth, Niklas Galke, Alexander Hahn and Lauritz van Luijk
69Variational quantum algorithms for real time evolution of quantum systemsStefano Barison, Filippo Vicentini, Ignacio Cirac and Giuseppe Carleo
71Avoiding barren plateaus via transferability of smooth solutions in Hamiltonian Variational AnsatzAntonio Anna Mele, Glen Bigan Mbeng, Giuseppe Ernesto Santoro, Mario Collura and Pietro Torta
72Universal Parity Quantum ComputingMichael Fellner, Anette Messinger, Kilian Ender and Wolfgang Lechner
73Modular Parity Quantum Approximate OptimizationKilian Ender, Anette Messinger, Michael Fellner, Clemens Dlaska and Wolfgang Lechner
75Quantum variational learning for quantum error-correcting codesChenfeng Cao, Chao Zhang, Zipeng Wu, Markus Grassl and Bei Zeng
77Quantum Entanglement with Self-stabilizing Token Ring for Fault-tolerant Distributed Quantum Computing SystemJehn-Ruey Jiang
80An Entropic Lens on Stabilizer StatesWilliam Munizzi, Cynthia Keeler and Jason Pollack
81Distilling nonlocality in quantum correlationsSahil Gopalkrishna Naik, Govind Lal Sidhardh, Samrat Sen, Arup Roy, Ashutosh Rai and Manik Banik
82Your spectra don't fit: SDP refutations for the quantum marginal problemFelix Huber and Nikolai Wyderka
87Equivalence between the exact bosonization and fermion-to-qubit mappings in two spatial dimensionsYu-An Chen and Yijia Xu
88Learning quantum phases via single-qubit disentanglementZheng An, Chenfeng Cao, Chengqian Xu and Duanlu Zhou
90Universal cost bound of quantum error mitigation based on quantum estimation theoryKento Tsubouchi, Takahiro Sagawa and Nobuyuki Yoshioka
97Partial self-testing and randomness certification in networksPavel Sekatski, Sadra Boreiri and Nicolas Brunner
99Bound on local minimum-error discrimination of bipartite quantum statesDonghoon Ha and Jeong San Kim
104Observing ground-state properties of the Fermi-Hubbard model using a scalable algorithm on a quantum computerJan Lukas Bosse, Ashley Montanaro, Stasja Stanisic, Filippo Maria Gambetta, Raul A. Santos, Wojciech Mruczkiewicz, Thomas E. O'Brien and Eric Ostby
105Variational quantum simulation of the imaginary-time Lyapunov control for accelerating the ground-state preparationYu-Cheng Chen, Alice Hu and Qian Wang
108Task-dependent semi-quantum secure communication in layered networks with OAM states of lightRajni Bala, Sooryansh Asthana and V. Ravishankar
109Restoring quantum communication efficiency over high loss optical fibresFrancesco Anna Mele, Ludovico Lami and Vittorio Giovannetti
110Uncertainty relations from graph theoryCarlos de Gois, Kiara Hansenne and Otfried Gühne
112Quantum Differential Privacy: An Information Theory PerspectiveChristoph Hirche, Cambyse Rouze and Daniel Stilck França
113Quantum optimization with Instantaneous Quantum Polynomial circuitsSebastian Leontica and David Amaro
116Multivariable quantum signal processing (M-QSP): prophecies of the two-headed oracleZane Rossi and Isaac Chuang
118Quantum Analysis of Continuous Time Stochastic ProcessXi-Ning Zhuang, Zhao-Yun Chen, Cheng Xue, Yu-Chun Wu and Guo-Ping Guo
119Induced on-demand revival in coined quantum walks on infinite d-dimensional latticesMahesh N. Jayakody, Ismael L. Paiva, Asiri Nanayakkara and Eliahu Cohen
120Detecting entanglement by pure bosonic extensionXuanran Zhu, Chao Zhang, Chenfeng Cao, Youning Li and Bei Zeng
121Characterizing Symmetry-Protected Thermal Equilibrium by Work ExtractionYosuke Mitsuhashi, Kazuya Kaneko and Takahiro Sagawa
122(No) Quantum ST tradeoff for USTCONSimon Apers, Stacey Jeffery, Galina Pass and Michael Walter
124Advantages of adaptive and general strategies for discrimination of unitary channels beyond group-theoretical methodsJessica Bavaresco, Mio Murao and Marco Túlio Quintino
125Quantum error correction using squeezed Schrödinger cat statesDavid Schlegel, Fabrizio Minganti and Vincenzo Savona
127Composition of Multipartite Quantum Systems: Perspective from Timelike ParadigmSahil Gopalkrishna Naik, Edwin Peter Lobo, Samrat Sen, Ram Krishna Patra, Alimuddin Mir, Tamal Guha, Some Sankar Bhattacharya and Manik Banik
128Improved maximum-likelihood quantum amplitude estimationAdam Callison and Dan Browne
129Divide-and-conquer verification method for noisy intermediate-scale quantum computationYuki Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Takahashi, Tomoyuki Morimae and Seiichiro Tani
131Generalized resource theory of purity: One-shot purity distillation with local noisy operations and one way classical communicationSayantan Chakraborty, Aditya Nema and Francesco Buscemi
132Testing of quantum nonlocal correlations under constrained free will and imperfect detectorsAbhishek Sadhu and Siddhartha Das
133Continuity of quantum entropic quantities via almost convexityAndreas Bluhm, Ángela Capel, Paul Gondolf and Antonio Pérez Hernández
134Exponential concentration and untrainability in quantum kernel methodsSupanut Thanasilp, Samson Wang, Marco Vinicio Sebastian de la Roca and Zoe Holmes
138Digital adiabatic state preparation error scales better than you might expectLucas Kocia, Fernando Calderon-Vargas, Matthew Grace, Alicia Magann, James Larsen, Andrew Baczewski and Mohan Sarovar
142Going beyond the scale: Uniform observable error bounds for Trotter formulae in the semiclassical regimeYonah Borns-Weil and Di Fang
146Fundamental Limitation on the Detectability of EntanglementPengyu Liu, Zhenhuan Liu, Shu Chen and Xiongfeng Ma
149Multipartite Entanglement Measures via Bell Basis MeasurementsJacob Beckey, Gerard Pelegrí, Steph Foulds and Natalie Pearson
152The Complexity of Approximating Critical Points of Quantum Phase TransitionsJames Watson and Johannes Bausch
154Federated Learning with Quantum Secure AggregationYichi Zhang, Chao Zhang, Cai Zhang, Bei Zeng, Qiang Yang and Lixin Fan
156Single-qubit gate teleportation provides a quantum advantageLibor Caha, Xavier Coiteux-Roy and Robert Koenig
160Quantum leap in pattern recognitionDoğa Veske, Cenk Tüysüz, Mirko Amico, Nicholas Bronn, Olivia Lanes, Imre Bartos, Zsuzsa Marka, Sebastian Will and Szabolcs Marka
162Geometric structure of (thermo)majorization conesAlexssandre de Oliveira Junior, Jakub Czartowski, Kamil Korzekwa and Karol Życzkowski
163Observation of the Entanglement Barrier with Classical ShadowsAniket Rath, Vittorio Vitale, Sara Murciano, Matteo Votto, Jerome Dubail, Richard Kueng, Cyril Branciard, Pasquale Calabrese and Benoit Vermersch
168Revealing multi-point temporal quantum statistics without measurement back-actionPengfei Wang, Hyukjoon Kwon, Chun-Yang Luan, Wentao Chen, Mu Qiao, Zinan Zhou, Kaizhao Wang, Myungshik Kim and Kihwan Kim
169Certifying Temporal CorrelationsHarshank Shrotriya, Leong Chuan Kwek and Kishor Bharti
170Adaptive syndrome measurements for Shor-style error correctionTheerapat Tansuwannont and Kenneth R. Brown
176Barren plateaus in quantum tensor network optimizationEnrique Cervero, Kirill Plekhanov and Michael Lubasch
177Certified Everlasting Functional EncryptionTaiga Hiroka, Tomoyuki Morimae, Ryo Nishimaki and Takashi Yamakawa
178Quantum algorithm for ground state energy estimation using circuit depth with exponentially improved dependence on precisionGuoming Wang, Daniel Stilck França, Ruizhe Zhang, Shuchen Zhu and Peter Johnson
182Quantum correlations on the no-signaling boundary: self-testing and moreKai-Siang Chen, Gelo Noel M. Tabia, Jebaratnam Chellasamy, Shiladitya Mal, Jun-Yi Wu and Yeong-Cherng Liang
187Efficient measures of magic for quantum computers and matrix product statesTobias Haug, Myungshik Kim and Lorenzo Piroli
188Universal decoding of a single qubit information: deterministic and exact protocolSatoshi Yoshida, Akihito Soeda and Mio Murao
189Non-Pauli Errors in the Three-Dimensional Surface CodeTom Scruby, Michael Vasmer and Dan Browne
191Logarithmic Quantum ForkingAlessandro Berti
200Quantum State Preparation with Optimal Circuit Depth: Implementations and ApplicationsXiao-Ming Zhang, Tongyang Li and Xiao Yuan
206Nonlocal Network Coding in Multiple Access ChannelsJiyoung Yun, Ashutosh Rai and Joonwoo Bae
207Trading causal order for localityRavi Kunjwal and Ämin Baumeler
210Grothendieck inequalities characterize converses to the polynomial methodJop Briët, Francisco Escudero Gutiérrez and Sander Gribiling
211Quantum operations with indefinite time directionGiulio Chiribella and Zixuan Liu
214Tight analytic bound on the trade-off between device-independent randomness and nonlocalityLewis Wooltorton, Peter Brown and Roger Colbeck
215Quantum realization of extreme points - from hybrid correlations to channel assemblagesMichal Banacki, Piotr Mironowicz, Ravishankar Ramanathan and Pawel Horodecki
222Sequential Methods in Quantum Hypothesis TestingJohn Calsamiglia, Marco Fanizza, Christoph Hirche, Yonglong Li, Esteban Martínez Vargas, Ramon Muñoz-Tapia, Gael Sentis, Michalis Skotiniotis, Vincent Tan and Marco Tomamichel
223Learning Quantum Processes with Memory - Quantum Recurrent Neural NetworksDmytro Bondarenko, Tobias Osborne, Robert Salzmann and Viktoria-Sophie Schmiesing
224Parameterized Complexity of Weighted Local Hamiltonian Problems and Quantum Exponential Time HypothesisMichael Bremner, Zhengfeng Ji, Luke Mathieson and Mauro Morales
227Training variational quantum circuits with CoVaR: covariance root finding with classical shadowsGregory Boyd and Balint Koczor
230Universal sample lower bounds for quantum error mitigationRyuji Takagi, Hiroyasu Tajima and Mile Gu
232Near-optimal circuit design for variational quantum optimizationBence Bakó, Adam Glos, Özlem Salehi and Zoltán Zimborás
234What is nonclassical about uncertainty relations?Lorenzo Catani, Matthew Leifer, Giovanni Scala, David Schmid and Robert Spekkens
236Variational learning algorithms for quantum query complexityZipeng Wu, Shi-Yao Hou, Chao Zhang, Bei Zeng and Lvzhou Li
239Tensor Network Assisted Variational Quantum AlgorithmJunxiang Huang, Wenhao He, Yukun Zhang, Yusen Wu, Bujiao Wu and Xiao Yuan
242Efficient and robust estimation of many-qubit HamiltoniansDaniel Stilck França, Johannes Borregaard, Albert H. Werner, Liubov Markovich and Slava Dobrovitski
243Fault-tolerant error correction for a universal non-Abelian topological quantum computer at finite temperatureAlexis Schotte, Lander Burgelman and Guanyu Zhu
244Deep Circuit QAOAGereon Koßmann, Lennart Binkowski, Lauritz van Luijk, Timo Ziegler and René Schwonnek
245A Graphical Formalism for Entanglement PurificationLina Vandré and Otfried Gühne
246Symmetries in quantum networks lead to no-go theorems for entanglement distribution and to verification techniquesKiara Hansenne, Zhen-Peng Xu, Tristan Kraft and Otfried Gühne
248Fast erasure decoder for a class of quantum LDPC codesNicholas Connolly, Vivien Londe, Anthony Leverrier and Nicolas Delfosse
252A single T-gate makes distribution learning hardMarcel Hinsche, Marios Ioannou, Alexander Nietner, Ryan Sweke, Jonas Haferkamp, Yihui Quek, Dominik Hangleiter, Jean-Pierre Seifert and Jens Eisert
254Magic: a new perspective on quantum chaosLorenzo Leone, Salvatore F.E. Oliviero, Alioscia Hamma and Seth Lloyd
255Transitions in quantum complexity in random circuitsSalvatore F.E. Oliviero, Lorenzo Leone, You Zhou, Stefano Piemontese, Sarah True and Alioscia Hamma
256Testing quantum theory with generalized noncontextualityMarkus P. Mueller and Andrew J. P. Garner
257A mathematical framework for quantum Hamiltonian simulation and dualityHarriet Apel and Toby Cubitt
258Quantifying the intrinsic randomness of quantum measurementsGabriel Ignacio Senno, Antonio Acín and Thomas Strohm
259Predicting Gibbs State Expectation Values with Pure Thermal ShadowsLuuk Coopmans, Yuta Kikuchi and Marcello Benedetti
260Uncloneable Cryptographic Primitives with InteractionAnne Broadbent and Eric Culf
263Entanglement renormalization of thermofield double statesCheng-Ju Lin, Zhi Li and Tim Hsieh
266Probing sign structure using measurement-induced entanglementCheng-Ju Lin, Weicheng Ye, Yijian Zou, Shengqi Sang and Timothy Hsieh
269Equivalence in delegated quantum computingFabian Wiesner, Jens Eisert and Anna Pappa
271Self-testing Arbitrary Projective MeasurementRanyiliu Chen, Jurij Volčič and Laura Mančinska
272Manifold search in the quantum machine learning realm: a computational approach to quantum symmetry discoveryJonathan Lu, Rodrigo Bravo, Kaiying Hou, Gebremedhin Dagnew, Susanne Yelin and Khadijeh Najafi
274Correlation between PQC Descriptors and Training Accuracy in Hybrid Quantum-Classical Model for Earth Observation Image ClassificationSu Yeon Chang, Bertrand Le Saux, Sofia Vallecorsa and Michele Grossi
275Loss-tolerant all-optical quantum computing architecture using parity-state-encoded multiphoton qubitsSeok-Hyung Lee, Srikrishna Omkar, Yong Siah Teo and Hyunseok Jeong
277Security of continuous variable QKD with discrete modulationStefan Baeuml, Carlos Pascual, Victoria Wright, Omar Fawzi and Antonio Acin
278Qubit-oscillator concatenated codes: decoding formalism \& code comparisonYijia Xu, Yixu Wang, En-Jui Kuo and Victor Albert
279Optimal Strategies of Quantum Metrology with a Strict HierarchyQiushi Liu, Zihao Hu, Haidong Yuan and Yuxiang Yang
282Looped Pipelines Enabling Effective 3D Qubit Lattices in a Strictly 2D DeviceZhenyu Cai, Adam Siegel and Simon Benjamin
287A Quantum Online Portfolio Optimization AlgorithmDebbie Huey Chih Lim and Patrick Rebentrost
290Fast-forwarding quantum walk-based Monte Carlo simulationsMathys Rennela, Vivien Londe, Alain Sarlette, Martin Roetteler and Matthias Troyer
291Optimizing the information extracted by a single qubit measurementStefano Polla, Gian-Luca R. Anselmetti and Thomas E. O'Brien
292Local-Dimension-Invariant Stabilizer CodesLane Gunderman and Arun Moorthy
294Enhancing Detection of Topological Order by Local Error CorrectionNishad Maskara, Iris Cong, Minh Tran, Hannes Pichler, Giulia Semeghini, Susanne Yelin, Soonwon Choi and Mikhail Lukin
297Towards near-term quantum simulation of materialsLaura Clinton, Toby Cubitt, Brian Flynn, Filippo Maria Gambetta, Joel Klassen, Ashley Montanaro, Stephen Piddock, Raul A. Santos and Evan Sheridan
299Theory-independent randomness generation with spacetime symmetriesAlbert Aloy, Caroline Jones, Stefan Ludescher and Markus Müller
305Single-qubit loss-tolerant quantum position verification protocol secure against entangled attackersLlorenc Escola Farras and Florian Speelman
306Classically optimized Hamiltonian simulationConor Mc Keever and Michael Lubasch
307Quantum theory in finite dimension cannot explain every general process with finite memoryMarco Fanizza, Josep Lumbreras and Andreas Winter
310Improved simulation of quantum circuits dominated by free Fermionic operationsOliver Reardon-Smith, Michał Oszmaniec and Kamil Korzekwa
311Evaluating the impact of noise on the performance of the Variational Quantum EigensolverMarita Oliv, Andrea Matic, Thomas Messerer and Jeanette Miriam Lorenz
312Channel Simulation: Finite Blocklengths and Broadcast ChannelsMichael Cao, Navneeth Ramakrishnan, Mario Berta and Marco Tomamichel
314Beyond i.i.d. in the Resource Theory of Asymmetry: An Information-Spectrum Approach for Quantum Fisher InformationKoji Yamaguchi and Hiroyasu Tajima
315Optimizing Fermionic Encodings for both Hamiltonian and HardwareRiley Chien and Joel Klassen
320Parallel window decoding enables scalable fault tolerant quantum computationLuka Skoric, Dan Browne, Kenton Barnes, Neil Gillespie and Earl Campbell
324Mermin polytopes in quantum computation and foundationsCihan Okay, Ho Yiu Chung and Selman Ipek
325Fault-tolerant Coding for Entanglement-Assisted CommunicationPaula Belzig, Matthias Christandl and Alexander Müller-Hermes
326Quantum LDPC Codes for Modular ArchitecturesArmands Strikis and Lucas Berent
327Molecular Quantum Circuit DesignJakob Kottmann
329Estimating the entanglement of random multipartite quantum statesKhurshed Fitter, Cécilia Lancien and Ion Nechita
330Quantum max-flow in the bridge graphVincent Steffan, Fulvio Gesmundo and Vladimir Lysikov
331Variational solutions for local fermion-to-qubit mappingsJannes Nys and Giuseppe Carleo
332Page curves and typical entanglement in linear opticsJoseph Iosue, Adam Ehrenberg, Dominik Hangleiter, Abhinav Deshpande and Alexey Gorshkov
333Classical models are a better explanation of the Jiuzhang 1.0 Gaussian Boson Sampler than its targeted squeezed light modelJavier Martínez-Cifuentes, Karen Fonseca-Romero and Nicolás Quesada
334Total insecurity of communication via strong converse for quantum privacy amplificationRobert Salzmann and Nilanjana Datta
338Toys can't play: physical agents in Spekkens' theoryLadina Hausmann, Nuriya Nurgalieva and Lídia del Rio
340State Preparation Fidelities for Dicke StatesShamminuj Aktar, Andreas Bärtschi, Abdel-Hameed A. Badawy and Stephan Eidenbenz
345Circuits of space-time quantum channelsPavel Kos and Georgios Styliaris
346Quantum algorithms and the power of forgettingAndrew Childs, Matthew Coudron and Amin Shiraz Gilani
350Efficient classical algorithm of molecular vibronic spectra problemChanghun Oh, Youngrong Lim, Bill Fefferman and Liang Jiang
357Sharp complexity phase transitions generated by entanglementAbhinav Deshpande, Bill Fefferman, Soumik Ghosh, Alexey Gorshkov and Dominik Hangleiter
361Qubit seriation: Undoing data shuffling using spectral orderingAtithi Acharya, Manuel Rudolph, Jing Chen, Jacob Miler and Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz
364A parallel repetition theorem in the quantum commuting operator modelJunqiao Lin, William Slofstra and Henry Yuen
366Learning quantum processes without input controlMarco Fanizza, Matteo Rosati and Yihui Quek
371Classification of measurement-based quantum wire in stabilizer PEPSPaul Herringer and Robert Raussendorf
372Error propagation in NISQ devices for solving classical optimization problemsGuillermo González-García, Rahul Trivedi and J. Ignacio Cirac
373From Auditable Quantum Authentication to Best-of-Both-Worlds Multiparty Quantum Computation with Public Verifiable Identifiable AbortMi-Ying Huang and Er-Cheng Tang
375Only Classical Parametrised States have Optimal MeasurementsWilfred Salmon, Sergii Strelchuk and David Arvidsson-Shukur
376Multiplicative Updates for Quantum Bilinear OptimizationWayne Lin, Georgios Piliouras, Ryann Sim and Antonios Varvitsiotis
378Anyon braiding and the renormalization groupAlexander Stottmeister
380Thermal State Preparation via Rounding PromisesPatrick Rall, Chunhao Wang and Pawel Wocjan
382Fragile boundaries of tailored surface codes and improved decoding of circuit-level noiseOscar Higgott, Thomas Bohdanowicz, Aleksander Kubica, Steven Flammia and Earl Campbell
384Fusion category symmetry-protected topological order in the generalized cluster stateChris Fechisin, Nathanan Tantivasadakarn, David Aasen, Wenqing Xu, Wenjie Ji, Jason Alicea, John Preskill and Victor Albert
385Topological data analysis on noisy quantum computersIsmail Yunus Akhalwaya, Shashanka Ubaru, Kenneth L. Clarkson and Lior Horesh
387Area laws for steady states of detailed-balance LindbladiansItai Arad, Raz Firanko and Moshe Goldstein
389Rate-Distortion Theory for Mixed StatesDebbie Leung, Kohdai Kuroiwa and Zahra Baghali Khanian
390Large N Matrix Quantum Mechanics as a Quantum MemoryGong Cheng, Chunjun Cao and Brian Swingle
392Upper and lower bounds on CSS code dimensions for magic state distillation protocolsRhea Alexander, Si Gvirtz-Chen, Nikolaos Koukoulekidis and David Jennings
393A graph-theoretical analysis on first order quantum phase transitions for adiabatic quantum computingMatthias Werner, Artur Garcia-Saez and Marta P Estarellas
394Faster Born probability estimation via gate merging and frame optimisationNikolaos Koukoulekidis, Hyukjoon Kwon, Hyejung Jee, David Jennings and Myungshik Kim
399Measurement-free Quantum Error Correction for Gaussian Noise using Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill StatesEn Jui Chang and Ching Yi Lai
401Interpolating between Rényi entanglement entropies for arbitrary bipartitions via operator geometric meansDávid Bugár and Péter Vrana
405When is better state preparation worthwhile?Shivesh Pathak, Antonio Russo, Stefan Seritan and Andrew Baczewski
406The 2T-qutrit, a two-mode bosonic qutritAurélie Denys and Anthony Leverrier
412Towards Geometric Quantum Machine LearningFrederic Sauvage, Martin Larroca, Marco Cerezo, Nguyen Quynh, Louis Schatzki, Paolo Braccia, Michael Ragone and Patrick Coles
415The power and limitations of self-testingJed Kaniewski, David Rasmussen Lolck, Laura Mančinska, Thor Gabelgaard Nielsen and Simon Schmidt
418Inference Based Quantum SensingCinthia Huerta, Max Hunter Gordon, Frederic Sauvage, Akira Sone, Andrew Sornborger, Patrick Coles and Marco Cerezo
419Correcting phenomenological errors for quantum memories via belief~propagationKao-Yueh Kuo and Ching-Yi Lai
420Holography as a resource for non-local quantum computationKfir Dolev and Sam Cree
426Quantum dichotomies and coherent thermodynamics beyond first-order asymptoticsPatryk Lipka-Bartosik, Christopher Chubb, Joseph Renes, Marco Tomamichel and Kamil Korzekwa
427Group coset monogamy games and an application to device-independent continuous-variable QKDEric Culf, Thomas Vidick and Victor V. Albert
428Lattice-Based Quantum Advantage from Rotated MeasurementsYusuf Alnawakhtha, Atul Mantri, Carl Miller and Daochen Wang
429The dynamical uncertainty principle determines the programmability of quantum processorsYunlong Xiao, Gaurav Saxena, Ryuji Takagi, Sarvagya Upadhyay and Mile Gu
435Qubit-Efficient Randomized Quantum Algorithms for Linear AlgebraSamson Wang, Sam McArdle and Mario Berta
441The Complexity-Theoretic Limits of Quantum Algorithms for Topological Data AnalysisAlexander Schmidhuber and Seth Lloyd
449Gibbs Sampling of Periodic Potentials on a Quantum ComputerArsalan Motamedi and Pooya Ronagh
450A theory of quantum differential equation solvers: limitations and fast-forwardingDong An, Jin-Peng Liu, Daochen Wang and Qi Zhao
452Quantum receivers for near-optimal unambiguous decodingJasminder Sidhu, Michael Bullock, Saikat Guha and Cosmo Lupo
456Quantifying the performance of approximate teleportation and quantum error correction via symmetric two-PPT-extendibilityTharon Holdsworth, Vishal Singh and Mark Wilde
457Variational Quantum Algorithms for Semidefinite ProgrammingDhrumil Patel, Patrick Coles and Mark Wilde
459FABLE: Fast Approximate Quantum Circuits for Block-EncodingsRoel Van Beeumen and Daan Camps
460On the Impossibility of General Parallel Fast-forwarding of Hamiltonian SimulationNai-Hui Chia, Kai-Min Chung, Yao-Ching Hsieh, Han-Hsuan Lin, Yao-Ting Lin and Yu-Ching Shen
472Discrete Bulk ReconstructionScott Aaronson and Jason Pollack
473Guaranteed efficient energy estimation of quantum many-body Hamiltonians using ShadowGroupingAlexander Gresch and Martin Kliesch
474Randomized compiling improves logical performanceAditya Jain, Pavithran Iyer, Stephen D. Bartlett and Joseph Emerson
478Quantum networks with coherent routing of information through multiple nodesHlér Kristjánsson, Yan Zhong, Anthony Munson and Giulio Chiribella
482Quantum embedding approaches for materials simulations on quantum computersFrancois Jamet, Abhishek Agarwal and Ivan Rungger
483On the sampling complexity of open quantum systemsIsobel Aloisio, Gregory White, Charles Hill and Kavan Modi
485Versatile fidelity estimation with confidenceAkshay Seshadri, Martin Ringbauer, Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz and Stephen Becker
488Unconditional Quantum Advantage for Sampling with Shallow CircuitsAdam Bene Watts and Natalie Parham
490Robustness and Limitations of Quantum Algorithms for Nonconvex OptimizationWeiyuan Gong, Chenyi Zhang and Tongyang Li
491Distillation of Secret Key and GHZ States from Multipartite Mixed StatesFarzin Salek and Andreas Winter
494Power of sequential protocol in hidden channel discriminationSho Sugiura, Arkopal Dutt, Sina Zeytinoglu, William J. Munro and Isaac L. Chuang
495Information recoverability of noisy quantum statesXuanqiang Zhao, Benchi Zhao, Zihan Xia and Xin Wang
497Shadow estimation of gate-set properties from random sequencesJonas Helsen, Marios Ioannou, Roth Ingo, Jonas Kitzinger, Emilio Onorati, Albert Werner and Jens Eisert
498Quantum state tomography via non-convex Riemannian gradient descentMing-Chien Hsu, En-Jui Kuo, Wei-Hsuan Yu, Jian-Feng Cai and Min-Hsiu Hsieh
501Breaking barriers in two-party quantum cryptography via stochastic semidefinite programmingAkshay Bansal and Jamie Sikora
504Catalysis in action via elementary thermal operationsJeongrak Son and Nelly H. Y. Ng
507Tight Bounds on Genuine Multipartite Nonlocality for ANDHafiza Rumlah Amer and Jibran Rashid
508Error-Robust Quantum Signal Processing using Rydberg AtomsSina Zeytinoglu and Sho Sugiura
514Greatly improved higher-order product formulae for quantum simulationMauro Morales, Pedro Costa, Daniel Burgarth, Yuval Sanders and Dominic Berry
517How to characterise a clock: putting clocks against each otherNuriya Nurgalieva, Ralph Silva and Renato Renner
520Geometry of Uniform Matrix Product StatesTim Seynnaeve and Harshit J. Motwani
525A perturbative gadget for avoiding barren plateaus in variational quantum algorithmsSimon Cichy, Paul K. Faehrmann, Sumeet Khatri and Jens Eisert
529Quantum metrology beyond the i.i.d. regime: Continuous multiple hypothesis testingJohannes Jakob Meyer, Sumeet Khatri, Daniel Stilck França, Jens Eisert and Philippe Faist
532Continuous-Variable Shadow TomographySrilekha Gandhari, Victor Albert, Jacob Taylor and Michael Gullans
533A hybrid framework for estimating nonlinear functions of quantum statesYou Zhou and Zhenhuan Liu
534Extendibility of Werner StatesDávid Jakab, Adrian Solymos and Zoltán Zimborás
535A random matrix model for approximate t-designsPiotr Dulian and Adam Sawicki
536Hunting for quantum-classical crossover in condensed matter problemsNobuyuki Yoshioka, Tsuyoshi Okubo, Yasunari Suzuki, Yuki Koizumi and Wataru Mizukami
540Estimating Quantum Hamiltonians via Joint Measurements of Noisy Non-Commuting ObservablesDaniel McNulty, Filip Maciejewski and Michał Oszmaniec
544A Complete Equational Theory for Quantum CircuitsAlexandre Clément, Nicolas Heurtel, Shane Mansfield, Simon Perdrix and Benoît Valiron
548Fermion-Parity-Based Computation and its Majorana-Zero-Mode ImplementationCampbell McLauchlan and Benjamin Beri
549Quantum-inspired algorithms for approximating matrix functionsYoungrong Lim and Chanhun Oh
550Efficient classical simulation of cluster state quantum circuits with alternative inputsSahar Atallah, Michael Garn, Sania Jevtic, Yukuan Tao and Shashank Virmani
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