Feb 4 – 10, 2023
Ghent University
Europe/Brussels timezone

Tuesday session

All posters must be presented in the assigned session. No session changes can be made. They should be hung on the board numbered with the submission ID, and must be removed at the end of the session. All posters remaining after the session will be removed and discarded.

Posters must fit on a portrait, A0 poster board. There is no on-site printing available. Due to the extremely large number of posters, we advise that you do not try to have your poster printed in Ghent.


You can find the full list of accepted posters here


A selection of posters have been highlighted by the Program Committee.


The poster sessions will take place in the UFO (map)


ID Title Authors
518Simulating Markovian open quantum systems using higher order series expansionXiantao Li and Chunhao Wang
573Adaptive Advantage in Entanglement-Assisted CommunicationsJef Pauwels, Stefano Pironio, Emmanuel Zambrini Cruzeiro and Armin Tavakoli
575Quantum Computation for Periodic Solids in Second QuantizationAleksei V. Ivanov, Christoph Sünderhauf, Nicole Holzmann, Tom Ellaby, Rachel Kerber, Glenn Jones and Joan Camps
576On the Necessity of Collapsing for Post-Quantum and Quantum CommitmentsMarcel Dall'Agnol and Nick Spooner
578Calculable lower bounds on the efficiency of universal sets of quantum gatesOskar Słowik and Adam Sawicki
579Indeterminism and Bell nonlocality with classical systemsLorenzo Giannelli, Carlo Maria Scandolo and Giulio Chiribella
580Quantinuum’s Quantum Monte Carlo Integration EngineIfan Williams, Alexandre Krajenbrink, Michael Spranger, Steven Herbert, Jose Gefaell, Edwin Agnew, Roland Guichard and Julien Sorci
581How much noise can a Haar-random state withstand before all entanglement is lost?Daniel Miller and Jens Eisert
582An adaptive quantum-phase-estimation protocol for NISQ hardwareJoseph Smith, David Arvidsson-Shukur and Crispin Barnes
584Gauging quantum states with non-anomalous matrix product operator symmetriesJose Garre Rubio and Ilya Kull
585Catalysis in Charging Quantum BatteriesRicard Ravell Rodriguez, Borhan Ahmadi, Pawel Mazurek, Shabir Barzanjeh, Robert Alicki and Pawel Horodecki
586Constrained quantum optimization for extractive summarization on a trapped‑ion quantum computerRomina Yalovetzky, Pradeep Niroula, Ruslan Shaydulin, Pierre Minssen, Dylan Herman, Shaohan Hu and Marco Pistoia
587Relaxing hardware requirements for surface codesMatthew McEwen, Craig Gidney and Dave Bacon
590Bandwidth Enables Generalization in Quantum Kernel ModelsAbdulkadir Canatar, Evan Peters, Cengiz Pehlevan, Stefan Wild and Ruslan Shaydulin
591Software Tools for Decoding Quantum Low-Density Parity Check CodesLucas Berent, Lukas Burgholzer and Robert Wille
592Optical cluster-state generation with unitary averagingDeepesh Singh, Austin Lund and Peter Rohde
593Fourier-based quantum signal processingThais Lima Silva, Lucas Borges and Leandro Aolita
594Classical product code constructions for quantum Calderbank-Shor-Steane codesDimiter Ostrev, Davide Orsucci, Francisco Lazaro and Balazs Matuz
595Transforming Collections of Pauli Operators into Equivalent Collections of Pauli Operators over Minimal RegistersLane Gunderman
596Maximally entangled symmetric states of two qubitsEduardo Serrano-Ensástiga and John Martin
597Quantum Computation for Simulating Periodic Solid-state Systems Using Plane-wave BasisQian Wang, Alice Hu and Yu-Cheng Chen
598Detection and estimation of progress of brain cancer using quantum-classical CNN based methodSriya Bada, Sreeraj Warrier and Jayasri Dontabhaktuni
599Two-qutrit Bell-diagonal states: AI versus AlgorithmicsMarcin Wieśniak
600Motion-blur detection in underwater images using classical-quantum CNN based methodSreeraj Warrier, Sriya Bada, Jayasri Dontabhaktuni, Rohith Achampeta and Sebastian Uppapalli
601Robust qudit Hamiltonian engineering from graphical constructions and spherical designsHengyun Zhou, Nathaniel Leitao, Haoyang Gao, Leigh Martin, Oksana Makarova, Iris Cong, Alexander Douglas and Mikhail Lukin
602Quantum Spatial Attention based U-Net (QuSAt-UNet) for Ball Screw Drive Metal Surface SegmentationKalpesh Prajapati and Kameshwar Rao Jv
603Variational Quantum Circuit with Transformer for Classifying Medical Condition based on User Reviews on DrugsKalpesh Prajapati and Kameshwar Rao Jv
605Entanglement in quantum hypergraph statesJan Nöller and Mariami Gachechiladze
606Anyon Condensation and Quantum Error CorrectionJulio C. Magdalena de la Fuente and Markus S. Kesselring
607Quantum security of subset cover problemsSamuel Bouaziz-Ermann, Alex B. Grilo and Damien Vergnaud
608A State Distillation Method Using Quantum Imaginary Time Control for Solving the Generalized EigenproblemsMengzhen Ren, Alice Hu and Yu-Cheng Chen
609A tensor norm approach to quantum compatibilityAndreas Bluhm and Ion Nechita
610Extension of CL-P bound of Clifford circuits via framed Wigner simulatorGue Dong Park, Hyukjoon Kwon and Hyunseok Jeong
611Best practices for multivariant input in parametrized quantum circuitsDirk Heimann, Gunnar Schönhoff, Elie Mounzer and Frank Kirchner
612Multispectral Satellite Data Analysis Using Support Vector Machines With Quantum KernelsArtur Miroszewski, Filip Szczepanek, Grzegorz Czelusta, Bartosz Grabowski, Bertrand Le Saux, Jakub Nalepa and Jakub Mielczarek
613Quantum Simulation of $\mathbb{Z}_2$ Lattice Gauge theory with minimal requirementsReinis Irmejs, Mari-Carmen Banuls and J. Ignacio Cirac
614No graph states can be prepared in quantum networks with bipartite sourcesOwidiusz Makuta, Laurens T. Ligthart and Remigiusz Augusiak
615Syndrome extraction using the spin-photon interfaceElena Callus and Pieter Kok
616Noise in quantum rigid rotors: from the perspective of error correctionShubham Jain, Eric Hudson, Wesley Campbell and Victor Albert
617Exponential data encoding strategy for quantum supervised learningSeongwook Shin, Yong Siah Teo and Hyunseok Jeong
619Finite-time Landauer principle at strong couplingAlberto Rolandi and Martí Perarnau-Llobet
620Efficient Machine-Learning-based decoder for Heavy Hexagonal QECCDebasmita Bhoumik, Ritajit Majumdar, Dhiraj Madan, Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy, Shesha Raghunathan and Susmita Sur-Kolay
621Efficient Quantum Circuit Generation via Reinforcement LearningKim DongHa
622Classically Approximating Variational Quantum Machine Learning with Random Fourier FeaturesJonas Landman, Slimane Thabet, Constantin Dalyac, Hela Mhiri and Elham Kashefi
623Near Term Quantum Machine Learning with Particle Number Preserving CircuitsJonas Landman, Iordanis Kerenidis and Natansh Mathur
624Error mitigation for chemistry simulation on quantum hardwareChristian Gogolin
625Transcendental properties of entropy-constrained sets: Part IIVjosa Blakaj and Chokri Manai
626Quantum Bell Inequalities from Information CausalityPrabhav Jain, Mariami Gachechiladze and Nikolai Miklin
627Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm and its recursive version to solve MAX-CUT problem for Complete graphsEunok Bae and Soojoon Lee
628Universality verification for a set of quantum gatesAdam Sawicki, Lorenzo Mattioli and Zoltan Zimboras
629Quantum Correlated Policies in Multi-Agent Reinforcement LearningHans Hohenfeld
630Matrix concentration inequalities and random $t$-designsPiotr Dulian and Adam Sawicki
632A new information criterion for quantum state estimationHiroshi Yano and Naoki Yamamoto
633Efficient decomposition of multi-qubit gatesP.V. Sriluckshmy, Vicente Pina-Canelles, Manuel G. Algaba, Fedor Šimkovic and Martin Leib
634Privacy Amplification with PythonIyan Mendez Veiga and Esther Hänggi
635Fault-tolerant Variational Quantum EigensolverHasan Sayginel, Dan Browne, Francois Jamet and Ivan Rungger
636The Smallest Code with Transversal TStergios Koutsioumpas, Darren Banfield and Alastair Kay
637Multicore quantum computingHamza Jnane, Brennan Undseth, Zhenyu Cai, Simon Benjamin and Balint Koczor
638QuBOBS, physical devices and a visual representation to explain quantum computingSophie Laplante, Loris Perez, Sylvie Tissot and Lou Vettier
639Overcoming fundamental bounds on quantum conference key agreementGiacomo Carrara, Glaucia Murta and Federico Grasselli
640Implementing Logical Operators using Code RewiringDarren Banfield and Alastair Kay
641Quantum Machine Learning on Smaller Quantum ComputersSimon Marshall, Casper Gyurik and Vedran Dunjko
642Minimal Port-based TeleportationMichal Studzinski and Sergii Strelchuk
643Dual-unitary circuits: Conservation laws and operator spreadingTom Holden-Dye, Arijeet Pal and Lluís Masanes
644Feasibility of NISQ Algorithms for Topological Data AnalysisShashvat Shukla
645Generic quantum Wielandt's inequalityYifan Jia and Angela Capel Cuevas
647Preparing the XY surface code with high threshold under biased noisePei-Kai Tsai, Yue Wu and Shruti Puri
648Error-correction zooVictor V. Albert and Philippe Faist
649Measurement-free quantum error correction with native multi-qubit gatesMichael A. Perlin, Mark Saffman and Robert J. Joynt
650On the power of nonstandard quantum oraclesRoozbeh Bassirian, Bill Fefferman and Kunal Marwaha
651Practical and efficient Hamiltonian learningWenjun Yu, Jinzhao Sun, Zeyao Han and Xiao Yuan
652Quantum World Models: Learning MDP Transitions Using Parametrized Quantum CircuitsLukas Gross, Dirk Heimann and Hans Hohenfeld
653Optimising VQE via Bayesian updates of local surrogate modelsJan Lukas Bosse and Ashley Montanaro
654New techniques to improve zero-noise extrapolation on superconducting qubitsKathrin Koenig, Finn Reinecke and Thomas Wellens
656Efficient simulation of time-dependent HamiltoniansGuannan Chen, Pranav Singh, Chris Budd and Mohammadali Foroozandeh
657Dynamics of entanglement of many-body localized systems coupled to an environmentElisabeth Wybo, Michael Knap and Frank Pollmann
658Efficient measurement schemes for bosonic systemsTianren Gu, Xiao Yuan and Bujiao Wu
659Contractivity and QAOA Performance under DephasingDina Abdelhadi and Daniel Stilck Franca
660Virtual Resource Distillation in Continuous Variable SystemsAmalina Lai, Mile Gu and Ryuji Takagi
661Analyses of the viability of automating the quantum circuit construction of Grover’s Oracle for executing wildcard searches on NISQ processorsWillie Huang
662Design of Quantum error correcting code for biased error on heavy-hexagon structureYounghun Kim, Jeongsoo Kang and Younghun Kwon
665Quantum simulation of dynamical phase transitions in noisy quantum devicesYounes Javanmard
666Quantum walk based sampling algorithmsSára Pituk and András Gilyén
667Quantum chernoff bounds for advantage distillation DIQKDMikka Stasiuk, Ernest Tan and Norbert Lutkenhaus
668Analytically Realizing Hybrid Boson-Qubit Operations via Hamiltonian Simulation TechniquesChristopher Kang, Micheline Soley, Eleanor Crane, Steven Girvin and Nathan Wiebe
671Quantum tomography under perturbed Hamiltonian evolution and scrambling of errors - a quantum signature of chaosAbinash Sahu, Naga Dileep Varikuti and Vaibhav Madhok
672Comparison of 2-dimensional and high-dimensional BB84 QKD protocolsClaudia De Lazzari, Ilaria Vagniluca, Domenico Ribezzo, Davide Bacco, Alessandro Zavatta and Tommaso Occhipinti
673Spectral estimation for Hamiltonians: a comparison between classical imaginary-time evolution and quantum real-time evolutionMaarten Stroeks, Jonas Helsen and Barbara Terhal
674Spacelike Floquet CodesSimon Burton
675Certifying Quantum Separability with Adaptive PolytopesTies-Albrecht Ohst, Xiao-Dong Yu, Otfried Gühne and H. Chau Nguyen
676Universal entanglement and correlation measure in two-dimensional conformal field theoriesChao Yin and Zhenhuan Liu
677Quantum phase detection generalisation from marginal quantum neural network modelsSaverio Monaco, Oriel Kiss, Antonio Mandarino, Sofia Vallecorsa and Michele Grossi
679Statistical mechanics mapping for finite rate LDPC codesBenedikt Placke and Nikolas Breuckmann
680Interpolation of Trotter data for eigenvalue and expectation value estimationGumaro Rendon, Jacob Watkins and Nathan Wiebe
681Frequency analysis of nonlinear pendulum via Quantum Fourier TransformYi-Lin Cheng, Chih-Yu Chen, Tsung-Wei Huang and Yu-Ping Liao
682Quantum error correction in a time-dependent transverse field Ising modelYifan Hong, Jeremy Young, Adam Kaufman and Andrew Lucas
683Square-root measurements and resource state degradation in port-based teleportation schemePiotr Kopszak, Marek Mozrzymas and Michał Studziński
684Optimizing Bell inequalities via Tropical AlgebraMengyao Hu, Patrick Emonts and Jordi Tura
685Faster eigenstate preparation using a distributed quantum protocolBenjamin Schiffer and Jordi Tura
686Hardy’s paradox and locally (in)accessible informationMaria Violaris and Samuel Kuypers
687Simultaneous StoquasticityJacob Bringewatt and Lucas Brady
689Simultaneous transfer of energy and information through a quantum channel.Bishal Kumar Das, Lav R. Varshney and Vaibhav Madhok
690Towards a Classical-Interfacing Quantum Data CenterLara Booth and Agnes Villanyi
691Classification of Hybrid Quantum-Classical ComputingFrank Phillipson, Niels Neumann and Robert Wezeman
692Unraveling correlated material properties with noisy quantum computers: solving extended impurity models with the natural-orbitalization algorithmPauline Besserve and Thomas Ayral
693Enhancing binary phase-shift-keying quantum communication with atomic indirect measurement via squeezing operationMin Namkung and Jeong San Kim
694Optimising shadow tomography with generalised measurementsHai Chau Nguyen, Jan Lennart Bönsel, Jonathan Steinberg and Otfried Gühne
695Advantages of Measurement-based Variational Quantum EigensolversAnna Schroeder, Matthias Heller and Mariami Gachechiladze
696The Role of Entanglement in Quantum-Relaxation Based Optimization AlgorithmsKosei Teramoto, Rudy Raymond and Hiroshi Imai
697Quantifying quantum computational complexity via information scramblingArash Ahmadi and Eliska Greplova
698Gaussian interconversion of non-Gaussian resourcesOliver Hahn, Patric Holmvall, Pascal Stadler, Giulia Ferrini and Alessandro Ferraro
699Stabilizer subsystem decompositions for single- and multi-mode Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill codesMackenzie Shaw, Andrew Doherty and Arne Grimsmo
700Epsilon-nets and dynamic programming: towards bond dimension witnessesPatrick Emonts, Mengyao Hu and Jordi Tura
701the theory prediction for entangle source though double-slitShih-Han Weng, Tsung-Wei Huang and Ching-Ling Hsu
702Trainable Quantum Walks simulation for loading probability distributionYen Jui Chang, Wei-Ting Wang, Shih-Wei Liao and Ching-Ray Chang
703The first quantum metric evaluation on gate-based, annealing-based and photonic quantum hardwareWard van der Schoot, Robert Wezeman, Frank Phillipson and Niels Neumann
706Intrinsic decoherence effects on quantum coherence and quantum discord in XXZ Heisenberg modelZakaria Dahbi, Mansoura Oumennana and Mostafa Mansour
707Low-depth simulations of fermionic systems on realistic quantum hardwareManuel G. Algaba, P.V. Sriluckshmy, Martin Leib and Fedor Simkovic
708Concentration Inequalities for Output Statistics of Quantum Markov ProcessesFederico Girotti, Madalin Guta, George Bakewell-Smith and Juan P. Garrahan
709Multi-qubit Gate Decomposition Techniques for Trapped-Ion QuditsAnastasiia Nikolaeva, Evgeny Kiktenko and Aleksey Fedorov
710Full optimization of a single-qubit gate on the generalized sequential quantum optimizerKaito Wada, Rudy Raymond, Yuki Sato and Hiroshi Watanabe
712The effect of errors on Gaussian boson sampling applied to the dense subgraph problemNaomi Solomons, Oliver Thomas and Dara McCutcheon
714NISQ friendly approach towards variational quantum eigensolverEyuel Eshetu Elala, Aidan Pellow-Jarman, Rowan Pellow-Jarman, Shane McFarthing, Francesco Petruccione and June-Koo Kevin Rhee
717Energy Filter with 1D Tensor NetworksKshiti Sneh Rai, Álvaro M. Alhambra and J. Ignacio Cirac
718Faster convergence to the Parrondo paradox problem via quantum random walks algorithm.Ran-Yu Chang, Yu-Chao Hsu, Tzu-Jui Liu and Tsung-Wei Huang
719Taking Advantage of Noise to Speed Up Classical Simulation of NISQ CircuitsJoel Rajakumar, James Watson and Yi-Kai Liu
720Using Quantum random walks to predict the chemical reaction rate constantTsung-Wei Huang, Ran-Yu Chang and Chih-Yu Chen
721Optimization of coincidence window for QKD in a noisy environmentHashir Kuniyil and Kadir Durak
722Entanglement BatteriesYe-Chao Liu, Stefan Nimmrichter and Otfried Gühne
724Reduce-and-chop: Shallow circuits for deeper problemsAdrián Pérez-Salinas, Radoica Draskic, Jordi Tura Brugués and Vedran Dunjko
725Zero noise extrapolation for a small diatomic molecule on a trapped-ion quantum computerOliver Maupin, Ashlyn Burch, Christopher Yale, Peter Love, Susan Clark, Brandon Ruzic, Andrew Landahl, Kenneth Rudinger, Antonio Russo, Daniel Lobser and Andrew Baczewski
727Local Stochastic Factored Gradient Descent for Distributed Quantum State TomographyJunhyung Lyle Kim, Mohammad Taha Toghani, César A. Uribe and Anastasios Kyrillidis
728A new class of entropic uncertainty relationsAntonio Rotundo and Rene Schwonnek
729Composite Pulses in Phase Space: High-Fidelity Universal Measurement-Free Gate Teleportation for Finite-Energy GKP QubitsShraddha Singh, Baptiste Royer and Steven M Girvin
730Universality versus certification of distinctive features in the Bose-Hubbard HamiltonianLukas Pausch, Edoardo G. Carnio, Alberto Rodríguez and Andreas Buchleitner
731Analyzing and designing fault-tolerant circuits using detector error modelsPeter-Jan Derks and Alex Townsend-Teague
732Spin squeezing inequalities meet randomized measurementsJan Lennart Bönsel, Satoya Imai, Ye-Chao Liu and Otfried Gühne
734A toolbox to simulate quantum optomechanical systemsSampreet Kalita and Amarendra K. Sarma
735Noisy quantum batteries: optimizing the output ergotropySalvatore Tirone, Raffaele Salvia, Stefano Chessa and Vittorio Giovannetti
736High-dimensional measurement incompatibility and steeringBenjamin Jones, Roope Uola, Thomas Cope, Marie Ioannou, Sebastien Designolle, Pavel Sekatski and Nicolas Brunner
737Long-range entangled states from stochastic evolution and random measurementsIosifina Angelidi, Marcin Szyniszewski and Arijeet Pal
738Faster Stochastic First-Order Method for Maximum-Likelihood Quantum State TomographyChung-En Tsai, Hao-Chung Cheng and Yen-Huan Li
739Quantum Error Correction with Gauge SymmetriesAbhishek Rajput, Alessandro Roggero and Nathan Wiebe
740Using copies to improve precision in continuous-time quantum computingJemma Bennett, Adam Callison, Tom O'Leary, Mia West, Nicholas Chancellor and Viv Kendon
742Adaptive surface code for quantum error correction on a defective latticeAdam Siegel, Armands Strikis, Thomas Flatters and Simon Benjamin
743Probing spectroscopic features of quantum many-body systems on a quantum simulatorJinzhao Sun, Lucia Vilchez-Estevez, Vlatko Vedral and Andrew Boothroyd
745Active error-corrected memory with the Sweep RuleAnnie Ray, Raymond Laflamme and Aleksander Kubica
746Reducing the qubit requirement of Jordan-Wigner encodings of N-mode, K-fermion systems from N to log(N choose K)Brent Harrison, Daniel Adamiak and James Whitfield
747Correcting non-independent and non-identically distributed errors with surface codesKonstantin Tiurev, Peter-Jan Derks, Joschka Roffe, Jens Eisert and Jan-Michael Reiner
748Relative Entropy Accumulation in von Neumann algebrasOmar Fawzi, Li Gao and Mizanur Rahaman
749Evaluation of QUBO formulations of the ranking aggregation problemElías Combarro, Raúl Pérez Fernández, José Ranilla and Bernard De Baets
750Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output SettingsShradhanjali Sahu
751Distributing Quantum Circuits over Heterogeneous, Modular Quantum Computing ArchitecturesDaniel Mills, Pablo Andres-Martinez, Luciana Henaut, Ross Duncan, Kentaro Yamamoto, Tim Forrer, Mio Murao and Jun-Yi Wu
752Efficient decoding schemes for the XYZ$^2$ hexagonal stabilizer codeBasudha Srivastava, Ben Criger, Hussain Anwar, Anton Frisk Kockum and Mats Granath
753SymboliQ: A Python framework for Symbolic Quantum ComputationVictory Omole and Bob Sutor
754A Shot-Aware Benchmark for Variational Quantum EigensolversCody Fan, Adam Cobb and Susmit Jha
755High-threshold fault-tolerance in measurement-based error correction with tailored fusion circuitsKaavya Sahay, Jahan Claes and Shruti Puri
756Optimising graph codes for measurement-based loss toleranceTom Bell and Stefano Paesani
757The domain wall color codeKonstantin Tiurev, Arthur Pesah, Markus Kesserlring, Joschka Roffe, Peter-Jan Derks, Jens Eisert and Jan-Michael Reiner
758Floquet Code as Code DeformationXiaozhen Fu and Daniel Gottesman
759Optimal Decoding of 1D Low-depth Random-circuit CodesJon Nelson, Michael Gullans and Gregory Bentsen
760Stochastic approximate state conversion for entanglement and general quantum resource theoriesTulja Varun Kondra, Chandan Datta and Alexander Streltsov
761Using Clifford RSRG-X to investigate resonance proliferation at the transition between many-body localised phasesJared Jeyaretnam, Christopher J. Turner and Arijeet Pal
762Observable thermalization in a one-dimensional Ising modelLodovico Scarpa, Fabio Anza and Vlatko Vedral
764A Vapor Cavity QED system for quantum computation and communicationSharoon Austin, Dhruv Devulapalli, Kunal Sharma, Khoi Hoang, Feng Zhou, Kartik Srinivasan and Alexey Gorshkov
768A diagrammatic approach to local physics using tensor networks and category theoryAndreas Bauer
769Solving relativistic bound-state problems in QCD with a fault-tolerant quantum computerMason Rhodes, Michael Kreshchuk and Andrew Landahl
770A Fast Renormalization-Group Tensor-Network Decoder for Quantum Low-Density Parity-Check CodesCole Maurer and Andrew Landahl
772On solving combinatorial optimisation problems using Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution (QITE)Anirban Mukherjee, Nitin Nayak and M Girish Chandra
773Robust Witnesses of Genuine Multiparticle IndistinguishabilityShawn Geller, Aaron Young, Scott Glancy and Emanuel Knill
775Renormalisation Through The Lens Of Quantum Convolutional Neural NetworksNathan McMahon, Petr Zapletal and Michael Hartmann
776Compressive gate set tomographyRaphael Brieger, Ingo Roth and Martin Kliesch
777Towards a minimal example of quantum nonlocality without inputs and Topologically robust network nonlocalitySadra Boreiri, Antoine Girardin, Bora Ulu, Patryk Lipka-Bartosik, Nicolas Brunner and Pavel Sekatski
778Nonlocal network coding in interference channels based on Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt gameJiyoung Yun, Ashutosh Rai and Joonwoo Bae
779On the Role of Quantum Communication and Loss in Attacks on Quantum Position VerificationPhilip Verduyn Lunel, Rene Allerstorfer, Florian Speelman and Harry Buhrman
780Towards Practical and Error-Robust Quantum Position VerificationRene Allerstorfer, Harry Buhrman, Florian Speelman and Philip Verduyn Lunel
781Communication complexity of relations: an orthogonality graph inspired case studySumit Rout, Some Sankar Bhattacharya, Nitica Sakharwade, Paweł Horodecki and Ravishankar Ramanathan
782Entropic Inequalities on Fermionic SystemTim Möbus, Cambyse Rouzé and Li Gao
784IQP-based Verification of Quantum Computational Advantage: Stabilizer Constructions and Classical SecurityMichael Bremner, Bin Cheng and Zhengfeng Ji
785Gate teleportation based quantum Fourier transformTaewan Kim, Yongsoo Hwang, Kyunghyun Baek and Jeongho Bang
786Computational complexity of optimizing defect braiding quantum circuits by reordering qubitsKunihiro Wasa, Shin Nishio, Koki Suetsugu, Michael Hanks, Ashley Stephens, Yu Yokoi and Kae Nemoto
787Fixed interval scheduling problem with minimal idle time with an application to music arrangement problemLudmila Botelho and Özlem Salehi
788Deep Spiking Quantum Neural Network for Noisy Image ClassificationDebanjan Konar, Aditya Das Sarma, Soham Bhandary and Attila Cangi
790Easy-to-compute local Clifford invariants for graph statesFrederik Hahn and Adam Burchardt
791Entanglement-efficient bipartite-distributed quantum computing with entanglement-assisted packing processesJun-Yi Wu, Kosuke Matsui, Timothy Forrer, Akihito Soeda, Pablo Andres-Martinez, Daniel Mills, Luciana Henaut, and Mio Murao
792Harnessing non-Hermitian dissipation for quantum controlSerra Erdamar, Maryam Abbasi, Weijian Chen, Byung Ha, Jacob Muldoon, Yogesh Joglekar and Kater Murch
793High-dimensional Quantum Steering in NetworksSophie Egelhaaf and Roope Uola
794Recommender System Expedited Quantum Control OptimizationPriya Batra
795Stabilizer codes for Open Quantum SystemsFrancisco Revson Fernandes Pereira, Stefano Mancini and Giuliano Gadioli La Guardia
796Particle Tracking with Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum ComputersTim Schwägerl, Cigdem Issever and Karl Jansen
797Quantum error correction with dissipatively stabilized squeezed cat qubitsTimo Hillmann and Fernando Quijandría
798Speedups for near- and long-term Hamiltonian simulation via fermionic labellingMitchell Chiew and Sergii Strelchuk
799Hamiltonian Formulation of the Schwinger Model with Wilson FermionsTakis Angelides, Karl Jansen, Lena Funcke and Stefan Kühn
800Quantum Algorithms for Atomistic and Continuous Models in ElectrochemistryAlejandro Somoza, Albert Pool, Konstantin Lamp, Marina Walt, Giorgio Silvi, Michael Lubasch and Birger Horstmann
801Optimization of gate-based implementation of algorithms that are based on quantum walksMaksims Dimitrijevs and Andris Ambainis
802Design Constraints for Unruh-DeWitt Quantum ComputersEric Aspling, Michael Lawler and John Marohn
803Variational quantum algorithms to resolve berry phases in quantum chemistryEmiel Koridon and Stefano Polla
804Contextuality and memory cost of simulation of Majorana fermionsSusane Calegari, Juani Bermejo-Vega and Michał Oszmaniec
805Method for the visualization of multi-qubit systems pure statesAlice Barthe, Vedran Dunjko, Jordi Tura and Michele Grossi
807An elegant proof of self-testing for multipartite Bell inequalitiesEkta Panwar, Palash Pandya and Marcin Wiesniak
808A quantum algorithm for the orthogonal matching pursuitArmando Bellante, Stefano Vanerio and Stefano Zanero
810Evaluation of training methods for Quantum Reinforcement LearningGeorg Kruse and Andreas Rosskopf
812Optimising option pricing quantum algorithms based on variational quantum simulation through rigorous error estimatesDavid Dechant, Jordi Tura and Vedran Dunjko
814Algebraic Bethe CircuitsAlejandro Sopena, Max Hunter-Gordon, Diego García-Martín, Germán Sierra and Esperanza López
815Information scrambling in non-KAM quantum systems with application to quantum metrology.Naga Dileep Varikuti, Abinash Sahu, Arul Lakshminarayan and Vaibhav Madhok
817Numerical evidence for exponential speed-up of QAOA over unstructured search for approximate constrained optimizationJohn Golden, Andreas Bärtschi, Stephan Eidenbenz and Daniel O'Malley
819Generating Approximate Ground States of Molecules using Using Quantum Machine LearningJack Ceroni, Torin Stetina, Maria Kieferova, Carlos Ortiz Marrero, Juan Miguel Arrazola and Nathan Wiebe
820Quantum Data-Syndrome Subsystem CodesAndrew Nemec
821Spatial Search on Lattices with Continuous Time Quantum WalksDhruv Devulapalli and Andrew Childs
822Quantum Defect Analyzer (QDA): An experimental analysisMeghashrita Das, Biswajit Basu and Pabitra Mitra
823Correcting coherent and readout errors in the surface codeÁron Márton and Janos Asboth
824OPTRAN: Choosing an Optimal Pass Set for Quantum TranspilationSiddharth Dangwal, Gokul Subramanian Ravi and Frederic T. Chong
826Verifying the activation of bipartite quantum correlationsJonathan Steinberg, H. Chau Nguyen and Matthias Kleinmann
827Heuristic Cost-Efficient Readout Error MitigationÁkos Budai, Zoltán Zimborás and András Pályi
829Entanglement and Coherence in Bernstein-Vazirani algorithmMoein Naseri, Tulja Varun Kondra, Suchetana Goswami, Marco Fellous-Asiani and Alexander Streltsov
830Distance-preserving flag fault-tolerant protocols for planar color codes of distance 9Balint Pato, Theerapat Tansuwannont, Shilin Huang and Kenneth R. Brown
832Extending matchgate simulation methods to universal quantum circuitsAvinash Mocherla
833Fast quantum state reconstruction via accelerated non-convex programmingJunhyung Lyle Kim, George Kollias, Amir Kalev, Ken X. Wei and Anastasios Kyrillidis
835Minimum Entanglement Protocols for Function EstimationAdam Ehrenberg, Jacob Bringewatt and Alexey Gorshkov
836Efficient learning and benchmarking of readout noise cross-talk models in near-term quantum devicesJan Tuziemski, Filip Maciejewski, Joanna Majsak, Oskar Słowik and Michał Oszmaniec
837Quantum Enhanced and Verified Exascale Computing (QEVEC)Viv Kendon
838Classical Splitting of Parametrized Quantum CircuitsCenk Tüysüz, Giuseppe Clemente, Arianna Crippa, Tobias Hartung, Stefan Kühn and Karl Jansen
840Parallelization of Sequential Quantum Channel Discrimination in the Non-Asymptotic RegimeBjarne Bergh, Nilanjana Datta, Robert Salzmann and Mark Wilde
841Multivariate quantum signal processing may be more difficult than we thoughtBalazs Nemeth, Blanka Kover, Boglarka Kulcsar and Roland Botond Miklosi
842Quantum simulation with Rydberg qutritsToonyawat Angkhanawin
843Improved decoding of quantum LDPC codes using neural-network enhanced belief propagationBohan Lu, Arthur Pesah, Joschka Roffe and Nithin Raveendran
844Quantum Algorithm for Path-Edge SamplingStacey Jeffery, Shelby Kimmel and Alvaro Piedrafita
846Optimizing quantum circuits with Riemannian gradient flowRoeland Wiersema
847Adventures in Building Qudit CircuitsLia Yeh and John van de Wetering
848Completeness for arbitrary finite dimensions of ZXW-calculus, a unifying calculusBoldizsár Poór, Quanlong Wang, Razin Shaikh, Lia Yeh, Richie Yeung and Bob Coecke
849Multi Party Quantum Clock SynchronizationManon Bart and Ryan Glasser
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