Feb 4 – 10, 2023
Ghent University
Europe/Brussels timezone

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All posters must be presented in the assigned session. No session changes can be made. They should be hung on the board numbered with the submission ID, and must be removed at the end of the session. All posters remaining after the session will be removed and discarded.

Posters must fit on a portrait, A0 poster board. There is no on-site printing available. Due to the extremely large number of posters, we advise that you do not try to have your poster printed in Ghent.


You can find the full list of accepted posters here


A selection of posters have been highlighted by the Program Committee.


The poster sessions will take place in the UFO (map)


Title Authors
Quantum Advantage from Any Non-Local GameYael Kalai, Alex Lombardi, Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Lisa Yang
Multi-qubit noise deconvolution and characterizationSimone Roncallo, Lorenzo Maccone and Chiara Macchiavello
Quantum Algorithms for Testing Hamiltonian SymmetryMargarite LaBorde and Mark Wilde
Cycle Index Polynomials and Generalized Quantum Separability TestsZachary Bradshaw, Margarite Laborde and Mark Wilde
Locality and error correction in quantum dynamics with measurementsAndrew Lucas, Aaron Friedman, Chao Yin and Yifan Hong
Thermodynamic Signatures of Genuinely Multipartite EntanglementSamgeeth Puliyil, Manik Banik and Mir Alimuddin
Fully undistillable quantum states are separableSatvik Singh and Nilanjana Datta
Channel capacity of relativistic quantum communication with rapid interactionErickson Tjoa and Kensuke Gallock-Yoshimura
Optimal local work extraction from bipartite quantum systems in the presence of Hamiltonian couplingsRaffaele Salvia, Giacomo De Palma and Vittorio Giovannetti
From String Detection to Orthogonal Vector ProblemYunhao Wang, Tianyuan Zheng and Lior Horesh
Constructing quantum decoders based on complementarity principleYoshifumi Nakata, Takaya Matsuura and Masato Koashi
New additivity properties of the relative entropy of entanglement and its generalisationsRoberto Rubboli and Marco Tomamichel
Digital quantum simulation of gauge theoriesYao Ji, Henry Lamm and Shuchen Zhu
Performance and limitations of the QAOA at constant levels on large sparse hypergraphs and spin glass modelsJoao Basso, David Gamarnik, Song Mei and Leo Zhou
Distributed State Preparation with Zero CommunicationIan George, Min-Hsiu Hsieh and Eric Chitambar
Algorithmic-level Error Correction: Arbitrarily Accurate Recovery Of Noisy Quantum Signal ProcessingAndrew K. Tan, Yuan Liu, Minh C. Tran and Isaac L. Chuang
Multipartite Nonlocality in Clifford NetworksAmanda Gatto Lamas and Eric Chitambar
On the computational hardness needed for quantum cryptographyZvika Brakerski, Ran Canetti and Luowen Qian
Efficient quantum time dynamics via Yang-Baxter equationSahil Gulania, Bo Peng, Zichang He, Niranjan Govind and Yuri Alexeev
Self-restricting Noise in Quantum DynamicsNicholas Laracuente
Structure Learning for Quantum KernelsMassimiliano Incudini, Francesco Martini and Alessandra Di Pierro
Hardware-Efficient and Accurate Unsupervised Quantum Machine Learning on Electronic Structure ProblemsChia-Tung Chu, Shih-Kai Chou and Hsi-Sheng Goan
The electrostatic control of two-level systems for PbS NanotadpolesGrigor Mantashyan and David Hayrapetyan
Neural-Network Quantum States for Continuum Quantum Field TheoryJohn Martyn, Khadijeh Najafi and Di Luo
Quantum Image Representation Methods Using QutritsAnkit Khandelwal and M Girish Chandra
Effects of noise on generalization in quantum machine learningVan Tuan Vo
Quantum Phase Recognition using Quantum Tensor NetworksShweta Sahoo, Utkarsh Azad and Harjinder Singh
Towards A Scalable Implementation of IRC-VQE Algorithm Incorporating Finite-Difference based Geometry Optimization to Probe Accurately SN2 Reaction PathwayNirmal M R, Shampa Sarkar, Manoj Nambiar and Sriram Goverapet Srinivasan
Isomerization Reaction Pathway Tracing of small organic molecules using extended IRC-VQE FrameworkNirmal M R, Shampa Sarkar, Manoj Nambiar and Sriram Goverapet Srinivasan
A Quantum-Enabled Nested Hybrid Scalable Approach for Molecular Geometry Optimization in the NISQ eraNirmal M R, Shampa Sarkar, Manoj Nambiar and Sriram Goverapet Srinivasan
Improving Amplitude Estimation with Error MitigationGeorge Umbrarescu, Adam Callison and Dan E. Browne
Effect of Gaussian and Bessel laser beams on linear and nonlinear optical properties of vertically coupled cylindrical quantum dotsPaytsar Mantashyan, Tigran Sargsian and David Hayrapetyan