Jun 25 – 29, 2023
Ole-Johan Dahls Hus
Europe/Oslo timezone

Invited speakers

Prof. Eirik Malinen (University of Oslo & Oslo University Hospital, Norway)

"Proton therapy centres in Norway", 26/06/2023, 09:00


Dr. Monica Turcato (European XFEL, Germany)

"Detectors for the future European XFEL", 26/06/2023, 11:00


Prof. Edoardo Charbon  (EPFL, Switzerland)

"SWIR/NIR SPAD Image Sensors for LIDAR and Quantum Imaging Applications", 26/06/2023, 13:15


Dr. Linh Tran (Centre for Medical Radiation Physics at University of Wollongong, Australia)

"Recent development of solid state microdosimetry and its applications in particle therapy and space", 27/06/2023, 08:30


Dr. Lorenzo Rota (SLAC, USA)

"X-ray Detectors for LCLS-II with real-time information extraction SparkPix family", 27/06/2023, 10:50


Dr. Nicolo Cartiglia (INFN Torino, Italy)

"Resistive read-out and built-in amplification: two key innovations to achieve 4D tracking with silicon sensors", 27/06/2023, 13:30


Dr. Giacomo Contin (University of Trieste, Italy)

"Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors for High-Energy Physics applications" , 27/06/2023, 15:50


Dr. Greg McMullan (MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK)

"Direct electron detectors in electron cryo-microscopy", 28/06/2023, 08:30


Prof. Giuseppe Iacobucci (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

"MONOLITH – picosecond time stamping capabilities in fully monolithic highly granular silicon pixel detectors", 28/06/2023, 10:50


Dr. Clemens Schulze-Briese (DECTRIS Ltd, Switzerland)

"Challenging the limits of detection technology to overcome society's most important challenges", 28/06/2023, 13:30


Dr. Francesco Romano (INFN Catania, Italy)

"Instrumentation for FLASH Radiotherapy", 28/06/2023, 15:30


Prof. Dr. Franz Pfeiffer (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

"X-ray Dark-Field Imaging: From Basics Principles to First Clinical Applications", 29/06/2023, 08:30


Dr. Alexander Moiseev, (University of Maryland & NASA, USA)

"Position-sensitive detectors and their readout as an enabling technology for high energy astrophysics", 29/06/2023, 10:50