Nov 19 – 24, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone
There is a live webcast for this event.

QTML Daily Updates

Welcome to the QTML Daily Updates!

It was fantastic having you with us this year! 


We are kicking off the last day of the QTML 2023 conference, hosted at CERN, with the invited talk by Dr Yihui Quek on the single and the noise in quantum computation.

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The second poster session at QTML 2023 is up and running ✅

Great to see inspired researchers sharing inspiring results in the rapidly evolving field of quantum.


Tune in to another day at the QTML 2023 conference, hosted at CERN

On today’s agenda:
✔️Quantum algorithms.
✔️Quantum kernels.
✔️Quantum machine learning for physics.

For the full timetable, visit:


Some pictures from the Swiss Fondue Dinner tonight:


Someone forgot a black CERN bag in the Main Auditorium! You can pick it up at the Dinner reception desk!


Erratum about the poster session!

The posters of the Thursday session can be posted as of Wednesday 13h, not Thursday as written in the mail.


Here you will be able to find daily summaries of the day, but also useful information about the events that will be taking place during the day. 

See you soon at CERN!



Ready, set, go! ✅

The QTML2023 conference kicks off with the tutorial sessions today! Looking forward to welcoming you all soon!

On today’s agenda:
◦Qiskit for beginners
◦Learning theory for quantum machines
◦Quantum algorithms and quantum complexity theory


For everyone attending Robert's session in the main Auditorium this morning, here are the zoom connection details:

Passcode: 12660052


Full speed ahead with the morning tutorials! 
1. Introduction to #quantumcomputing and the basics of Qiskit by Elisa Bäumer 
2. Advances in developing learning theory for quantum machines by Robert Huang


For everyone attending Sevag's session in the main Auditorium this afternoon, here are the zoom connection details:

Passcode: 86214561


Alberto Di Meglio -- Head of CERN IT Innovation and Coordinator of CERN QTI welcomes QTML2023 participants.

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It was great welcoming you to the CERN Science Gateway tonight! You can find some of the pictures at: 

The passcode to access the folder is: 573459

Another exciting day at the QTML 2023 conference, hosted at CERN, is full speed ahead.

Tune in now to the live stream at

On today's agenda:
- Architectures for quantum machine learning
- Symmetry and geometric quantum machine learning
- Trainability of Quantum Architectures
...and more!


The first poster session at #QTML2023 is now underway!

More than 60 poster displays, impressive research results, and lots of interesting discussions.

Happy to have you all with us today!

✔️Quantum Learning and Shadows.
✔️Machine Learning for Quantum Science.
✔️Experimental Implementations.
✔️Architecture for Quantum Machine Learning and more!

Tune in to another exciting day at #QTML2023, hosted at CERN!