Electroweak milestones - 50 years of neutral currents, 40 years of W and Z bosons

81/R-003A - Science Gateway Auditorium A (CERN)

81/R-003A - Science Gateway Auditorium A


1 Esplanade des particules CH-1217 Meyrin
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Electroweak milestones - 50 years of neutral currents, 40 years of W and Z bosons

On 19 July 1973, scientists from CERN’s Gargamelle bubble chamber presented the first direct evidence of the weak neutral current. A decade later, CERN announced the discovery of the carriers of the weak interaction. The W boson, carrier of the charged current interaction, was announced on 25 January 1983, followed by the Z boson, carrier of the weak neutral interaction on 1 July 1983. 2023 therefore marks the 50th anniversary of the neutral current discovery and the 40th anniversary of the W and Z boson discoveries. The symposium covers the past, present and future of this rich seam of physics.

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