Nov 22 – 24, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Sparks! Follow-up

Digital technologies for health must prioritize gender equality and human rights: towards an end-to-end Intersectional Feminist Approach. 

This workshop aims to convene thought leaders from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in gender, equity, medical innovation, economics, human rights, social science, AI, and digital technologies, many of which participated in Sparks 2022, to continue the conversation that started at the event. It will allow in-depth conversations about the pressing concerns related to biases related to gender, diversity, equity, and human rights in digital technologies for health use, with an end-to-end lens from research and product design to data collection and use, to adoption to improve health outcomes and healthcare delivery. 

The workshop further intends to foster networking and knowledge exchange among participants and inspire collaborative initiatives beyond the event, addressing the following: 

1. How do intersectional gender (and economic) inequalities shape each stage of design, research and data collection, funding, priority-setting, development, and scale-up of digital technologies for health? What are the questions that must be asked at each step to ensure appropriate attention 

2. What are intersectional feminist principles that could be applied to an end-to-end approach to digital health innovation that ensures gender equity, inclusion, and equitable access? 

3. What are the key challenges, opportunities, and best practices for promoting gender quality, equity, and human rights in digital health innovation? 

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Application for this event is currently open.