We will organize transfers from the Barcelona airport to the hotel on the arrival day, and to the airport on the departure day:

  • For the arrival day, a bus from the Barcelona airport is planned for 6:00 PM on Sunday, 22nd of September. 
  • For the departure day, a bus to the Barcelona airport will leave at 10:00 AM on Saturday, 5th of October. It will go to both Terminals 1 and 2.

On arrival, the bus will be leaving at 18h from the buses platform in Terminal 1, just in front of the taxi stand. We asked the bus company to display our CAS logo on the bus.
Please be on time, we will not control that everyone will be on the bus when it's departing.

If you arrive at Terminal 2, you can take a free shuttle bus (every 5-10 minutes, approximately 10 minutes drive) to go to Terminal 1. You can find the information about this here.