ggF: aN3LO PDFs for Run3 & YR5

4/3-004 - TH Discussion Room (CERN)

4/3-004 - TH Discussion Room


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The current goals of the ggF XS sub-group include producing:
1) A set of recommended total cross-section numbers for Run 3 and,
2) a contribution to Yellow Report 5 reviewing the state of the art for ggF production at the LHC (in mid-late 2025). 
The purpose of this meeting is to bring together PDF and Splitting function experts to discuss:
- The current status and availability of aN3LO within each PDF fit (especially where it relates to ggF numbers)
- The benchmarking activities that have been undertaken, that would directly impact ggF predictions
- Any comments/input on what each collaboration could contribute to a document of the Run 3 recommendations.
- Any comments/input on what each collaboration believes should be included in a YR5 contribution.
Ideally, the main outcomes of the meeting will be:
1) a path toward producing a contribution (text and/or plots) that will inform and be presented alongside the Run 3 recommendations regarding PDF-TH uncertainties 
2) to brainstorm/kick-off YR5 activities surrounding this topic and how it should feed into future recommendations
The meeting will contain:
- An update from the WG1 ggF conveners on the setup they currently have for Run 3
- A presentation from each PDF group regarding aN3LO for ggF
- A presentation from the authors of the splitting-functions, giving the current status and any comments regarding the use of current/previous approximations by the global fits
Room at CERN:
4/3-004 - TH Discussion Room 



ggF: aN3LO PDFs for Run3 & YR5
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