Sep 10 – 12, 2012
Krakow, Poland
Europe/Zurich timezone

--Flavour Physics and Symmetries

Flavour Physics and Symmetries

ID Title  
15 Storage Ring Electric Dipole Moment Methods: The road to the next sensitivity level of hadronic EDMs. link
17 Search for GeV-scale sterile neutrinos responsible for active neutrino masses and baryon  asymmetry of the Universe link
30 The Scientific Program in Particle and Nuclear Physics at the CERN injectors and its foreseable future link
33 Particle Physics at Budker INP link
34 Searches for Permanent Electric Dipole Moments link
37 CP violation, matter-antimatter and heavy flavours. A roadmap proposal by the French physicists. link
41 European strategy for long-baseline neutrino-oscillation experiments; The UK perspective link
46 Particle and Astroparticle Physics in Poland link
52 Strategy for Experimental Particle Physics to 2040: University of Liverpool link
59 UK input to European Particle Physics Strategy Update link
68 SuperB Physics Programme link
71 Opportunities Offered by the SuperB Detector Development link
84 Opportunities for Collaboration at Fermilab: Input to the European Strategy for Particle Physics, 2012 link
89 COMET and PRISM - Search for muon to electron Conversion in Japan link
96 The fourth generation, linac-ring type colliders, preons and so on link
97 The LHCb Upgrade link
102 A New Search for the Decay mu->eee link
104 Implications of LHCb measurements and future prospects link
105 Fundamental physics at low energies -- The quest for axions and other new light particles link
107 Imperial College London HEP Group Submission to the ESPG link
109 Higgs/top factory and Planck physics link
120 The Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB link
121 Future Strategy of Japanese High Energy Physics Community link
122 The Belle II experiment at SuperKEKB: Importance for the European Particle Physics Institutions link
130 Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics: flavor-changing processes at low energies link
136 A view from the INFN National Scientific Committee 1 link
138 LEP3: A High Luminosity e+e- Collider to Study the Higgs Boson link
140 Opportunities for Collaboration in the FNAL Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Program link
144 CMS Submission to the European Strategy Preparatory Group link
146 A ?Higgs? Factory at the Greek-Turkish Border link
148 ORKA: Measurement of the Rare Kaon Decay K+->pi+ nu nubar at Fermilab link
151 Opportunities for Collaboration in the Design and Development of the Project-X Accelerator Complex and Research Program link