Sep 10 – 12, 2012
Krakow, Poland
Europe/Zurich timezone

-- Physics at High Energy Frontier

Physics at High Energy Frontier

ID Title  
5 "The QGSM Monitoring of Standard Model Baryon Spectra in High Energy Proton Collisions at LHC." link
13 What if there is no Higgs? link
18 High-energy physics in Finland Strategical outlook for Helsinki Institute of Physics link
26 Dirac magnetic monopole ( new arrangement of experiment ) link
39 Standard Model: precision measurements and electroweak symmetry breaking, roadmap elements by the French physicists link
46 Particle and Astroparticle Physics in Poland link
47 A case for a very large circular electron-positron collider link
52 Strategy for Experimental Particle Physics to 2040: University of Liverpool link
54 Contribution of the Spanish network for Future Linear Colliders to the Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics link
59 UK input to European Particle Physics Strategy Update link
69 The Physics Case for an e+e- Linear Collider link
72 Covering letter & summary, International Linear Collider submissions to Open Symposium link
73 Summary of the International Linear Collider Technical Design Report link
75 ILC Project Implementation Planning I: Introduction, Governance and Funding link
76 ILC Project Implementation Planning II: Management, Siting & Host responsibilities, In-kind Contributions. link
77 ILC Project Implementation Planning III: Industrialisation, Schedule & Future R&D link
78 The ILD Detector Concept for the ILC link
79 The SiD concept for the ILC link
80 ILC Detector R&D: its impact link
83 Beyond the standard model. Contribution by the French physicists link
91 Particle Physics at High Energies but Low Luminosities link
96 The fourth generation, linac-ring type colliders, preons and so on link
99 CLIC e+e- Linear Collider Studies link
101 Prospective Studies for LEP3 with the CMS Detector link
106 The future of Monte Carlo Event Generators link
107 Imperial College London HEP Group Submission to the ESPG link
109 Higgs/top factory and Planck physics link
112 Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics: Exotics link
114 Scalable CaloTracker (SCT) proposal for universal particle detector from zero till practically infinite energies link
121 Future Strategy of Japanese High Energy Physics Community link
128 Long-term plans of the ALICE Collaboration link
131 Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics: signals of electroweak symmetry breaking link
134 Particle Physics at DESY: Strategy and Plans link
135 A Staged Muon-Based Neutrino and Collider Physics Program link
136 A view from the INFN National Scientific Committee 1 link
138 LEP3: A High Luminosity e+e- Collider to Study the Higgs Boson link
139 Implications of LHC results for TeV-scale physics: new physics with missing energy signatures link
141 Physics at a High-Luminosity LHC with ATLAS link
142 Future of the ATLAS heavy ion program link
144 CMS Submission to the European Strategy Preparatory Group link
145 SAPPHiRE: a Small gamma gamma Higgs Factory link
147 A Large Hadron Electron Collider at CERN link
153 High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider link
155 High Energy LHC link
156 LHeC - Preparations for a Future Proton-Lepton Collider in the TeV CM Regime link
157 LEP3 - Higgs factory in the LHC tunnel link
164 LHC heavy ion programme link
165 Pre-Feasability Assessment for an 80 km Tunnel Project at CERN link
171 Prospective Studies for LEP3 with the CMS Detector link
173 LEP3 and TLEP: High luminosity e+e- circular colliders for precise Higgs and other measurements link
174 Physics at a High-Luminosity LHC with ATLAS (Update) link
175 On the Relation of the LHeC and the LHC link
176 Higgs cross sections in pp collisions at very high energy link
177 CMS at the High-Energy Frontier link