Sep 10 – 12, 2012
Krakow, Poland
Europe/Zurich timezone

--Strong Interaction Physics

 Strong Interaction Physics

ID Title  
5 "The QGSM Monitoring of Standard Model Baryon Spectra in High Energy Proton Collisions at LHC." link
10 Fundamental Science at the European Spallation Source link
12 Exploring Confinement link
18 High-energy physics in Finland Strategical outlook for Helsinki Institute of Physics link
29 NA61/SHINE plans beyond the approved program link
30 The Scientific Program in Particle and Nuclear Physics at the CERN injectors and its foreseable future link
36 Nucleon Structure and QCD at High Energy. A roadmap proposal by the French physicists. link
43 NICA at JINR Dubna link
46 Particle and Astroparticle Physics in Poland link
52 Strategy for Experimental Particle Physics to 2040: University of Liverpool link
55 Conclusions of the Town Meeting: Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision link
59 UK input to European Particle Physics Strategy Update link
60 COMPASS planned measurements in the next five years and longer term perspectives on the study of the nucleon structure link
96 The fourth generation, linac-ring type colliders, preons and so on link
106 The future of Monte Carlo Event Generators link
117 A Fixed-Target ExpeRiment at the LHC:  AFTER @ LHC link
119 COMPASS Plans and Perspectives for Physics with Hadron Beams link
121 Future Strategy of Japanese High Energy Physics Community link
123 Quark-gluon plasma. Input from the French community link
128 Long-term plans of the ALICE Collaboration link
138 LEP3: A High Luminosity e+e- Collider to Study the Higgs Boson link
142 Future of the ATLAS heavy ion program link
144 CMS Submission to the European Strategy Preparatory Group link
147 A Large Hadron Electron Collider at CERN link
151 Opportunities for Collaboration in the Design and Development of the Project-X Accelerator Complex and Research Program link
175 On the Relation of the LHeC and the LHC link