1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
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Status of new features in CIC Portal

1 Oct 2007, 14:55
Roma (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


  1. YAIM Configuration Tool:
    Update from Gilles: The tool is fully integrated to the CIC portal since the release of version 4.5, i.e. on August, 22nd.
    • The Yaim Tool database back-end is integrated to the CICDB schema, thus ensuring data coherency about all officially registered VOs.
    • Managers of such VOs don't need to go to the tool to update their data: all that is needed is taken from the VO ID card. These 2 points solve the main issue of having 2 entry points to update this info.
    The web interface for the tool is now also hosted at IN2P3, and available as follows:
    • As a page of the RC section in the portal: https://cic.gridops.org/index.php?section=rc&page=yaim
    • As a page of the VO section in the portal: https://cic.gridops.org/index.php?section=vo&page=yaim
    • As a standalone version: https://cic.gridops.org/yaimtool/yaimtool.py
    YAIM configurator code is, in CIC portal code structure, an independent module. Development and maintenance is assured by Dimitar, which has access to this module in our cvs repository.
    Failover procedures have not been established yet. For that, we need to check python configuration on the replica instance of the portal at CNAF, test the application there, and validate the process in the same way we did with SAM Admin's Page.

  2. Tool for announcing scheduled downtimes
  3. Update from Osman: The schedule downtime process is composed of 6 steps:
    1. Step 1 : Integration of BDII data in the CIC db: This part determines the impacted VO by a downtime 100% done
    2. Step 2 : Notification from GOC portal to the CIC portal 90% done
    3. Step 3 : The implementation of a Supervisor componant was implemented: this allows the management of the whole process
    4. Step 4 : The downtime broadcasting by email - 90% done
    5. Step 5 : The downtime broadcasting by RSS Feed is OK - 100% done
    6. Step 6 : The subscription form has not implemented yet but we are working on it: this form will enable to any user to be notified by email or RSS Feed according to his need.
    In summary, I think I will need 2 weeks (after the EGEE conference) to finish and test the whole process

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