17-24 July 2013
KTH and Stockholm University Campus
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Quark flavour observables in 331 models in the flavour precision era

19 Jul 2013, 10:15
D1 (KTH Campus)


KTH Campus

Talk presentation Flavour Physics and Fundamental Symmetries Flavour Physics and fundamental symmetries


Fulvia De Fazio (INFN - Sezione di Bari)


I will discuss a variant of the 331 model,a new Physics scenario in which the gauge group of the SM is extended to SU(3)_C X SU(3)_L X U(1)_X. As a main consequence, new sources of flavour and CP violation are present that originate dominantly through the flavour violating interactions of ordinary quarks and leptons with a new heavy Zprime gauge boson. I will focus on correlations among the observables in the Bd,Bs and K systems, identifying the most important ones to test this NP scenario.

Primary author

Fulvia De Fazio (INFN - Sezione di Bari)

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