45th Meeting of the INTC

from to (Europe/Zurich)
at CERN ( 503-1-001 - Council Chamber )
Description OPEN Session from Wednesday, 23 October from 9h15 to 18h00 in Council Chamber and CLOSED Session Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 9h00 in Georges Charpak Room F, 60-6-015.


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  • Wednesday, 23 October 2013
    • 09:15 - 18:30 OPEN Session
      • 09:15 Introduction 5'
        Speaker: Klaus Blaum
      • 09:20 ISOLDE report 20'
        Speakers: Richard Catherall, Magdalena Kowalska
        Material: Slides powerpoint filedown arrow pdf filedown arrow
      • 09:40 HIE ISOLDE report 15'
        Speaker: Yacine Kadi
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 09:55 Status of EAR2 Project 15'
        Speaker: Enrico Chiaveri
        Material: Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 10:10 Study of the beta-delayed one- and two-proton decay of 35Ca 20'
        Speaker: Jerome Giovinazzo (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
        Material: INTC-P-389 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 10:30 β3p spectroscopy and proton-γ width determination in the decay of 31Ar 15'
        Speaker: Gunvor Thinggaard Koldste (Aarhus University (DK))
        Material: INTC-P-386 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 10:45 Study of octupole deformation in n-rich Ba isotopes populated via β decay 15'
        Speaker: giovanna benzoni (INFN sezione di Milano)
        Material: INTC-P-390 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 11:00 Coffee break 30' ( )
      • 11:30 Spectroscopy of the low lying states of Neutron Rich Iodine nucleus 15'
        Speaker: Tumpa Bhatthacharjee (VECC)
        Material: INTC-P-403 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 11:45 Core breaking and octupole low-spin states in 207 Tl 15'
        Speaker: Zsolt Podolyak (University of Surrey)
        Material: INTC-P-400 link Slides powerpoint file pdf filedown arrow
      • 12:00 \nEmbedding of 163 Ho and 166m Ho in the energy absorbers of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters 15'
        Speaker: Loredana Gastaldo (Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Universität Heidelberg)
        Material: INTC-P-396 link Slides pdf file
      • 12:15 Commissioning of n\_TOF EAR2 15'
        Speaker: Frank Gunsing (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR))
        Material: INTC-P-399 link Slides pdf file
      • 12:30 Radiative capture on ^{242}Pu for MOX fuel reactors 15'
        Speaker: Carlos Guerrero Sanchez (Universidad de Sevilla (ES))
        Material: INTC-P-387 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 12:45 Measurements of neutron induced capture and fission reactions on 233 U (EAR1) 15'
        Speaker: Carlos Carrapico (Instituto Superior Tecnico (PT))
        Material: INTC-P-397 link Slides pdf file
      • 13:00 Neutron capture cross sections of 70,72,73,74,76 Ge at n\_TOF EAR-1 15'
        Speaker: Claudia Lederer (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ. (DE))
        Material: INTC-P-381 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 13:15 Lunch break 1h15' ( )
      • 14:30 Measurement of octupole collectivity in Rn and Ra nuclei using Coulomb excitation 15'
        Speaker: Peter Butler (University of Liverpool (GB))
        Material: INTC-P-347-ADD-1 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 14:45 Magnetic and structural properties of manganese doped (Al,Ga)N studied with Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy 15'
        Speaker: Haraldur Gunnlaugsson (Aarhus University)
        Material: INTC-P-385 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 15:00 Atomic scale properties of magnetic Mn-based alloys probed by Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy 15'
        Speaker: Roberto Mantovan (INFM)
        Material: INTC-P-388 link Slides pdf file
      • 15:15 Emission Channeling with Short-Lived Isotopes: lattice location of impurities in semiconductors and oxides 15'
        Speaker: Lino Pereira (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE))
        Material: INTC-P-391 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 15:30 31Mg β-NMR applied in chemistry and biochemistry 15'
        Speaker: Monika Stachura (CERN)
        Material: INTC-P-392 link
      • 15:45 β-NMR of copper isotopes in ionic liquids 15'
        Speaker: Monika Stachura (CERN)
      • 16:00 Interaction and Dynamics of add-atoms with 2-Dimensional Structures : (PAC studies of mono- and low- number of stacking layers) 15'
        Speaker: Vitor Amaral (Universidade de Aveiro)
        Material: INTC-P-395 link Slides pdf file
      • 16:15 Coffee break 30'
      • 16:45 Beta-delayed neutrons from oriented 137,139I and 87,89Br nuclei 15'
        Speaker: Karolina Kolos (UTK)
        Material: INTC-P-384 link Slides pdf file
      • 17:00 Precision Mass Measurements with ISOLTRAP to Study the Evolution of the N=82  Shell Gap far from Stability 15'
        Speaker: Susanne Kreim (CERN)
        Material: INTC-P-382 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 17:15 206 Po sources for production and release studies relevant for high power spallation targets 15'
        Speaker: Tania Mendonca (Universidade do Porto (PT))
        Material: INTC-P-401 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 17:30 Beta-decay study of neutron-rich Tl and Pb isotopes 15'
        Speaker: Elisa Rapisarda (CERN)
        Material: INTC-P-394 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 17:45 Decay spectroscopy of odd-Ag isotopes 15'
        Speaker: Sabine Bonig (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (DE))
        Material: INTC-P-383 link Slides pdf file
      • 18:00 Characterization of the low-lying 0+ and 2+ states of 68Ni 15'
        Speaker: Piet Van Duppen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE))
        Material: INTC-P-402 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file
      • 18:15 Characterising excited states in and around the semi-magic nucleus\n 68 Ni using Coulomb excitation and one-neutron transfer 15'
        Speaker: Liam Gaffney (University of Liverpool (GB))
        Material: INTC-P-398 link Slides powerpoint file pdf file