Nov 3 – 7, 2014
Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
Europe/Zurich timezone

6th International Workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC


The aim of this workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions (MPI) at the LHC is to raise the profile of  MPI studies, summarising  the  legacy from  the  phenomenology  at  previous  hadron  colliders, reviewing  the  early  results  from  the  LHC  and  fostering  contact  between  the  theoretical  and experimental communities.

MPI  are  experiencing  a  growing  popularity  and  are widely invoked to  account for  observations that  cannot  be  explained  otherwise:  the  activity  of  the  Underlying Event,  the rates for multiple heavy flavour production, the survival probability of large rapidity gaps in hard diffraction, etc. At the same time, the implementation of MPI effects in Monte Carlo generators is quickly proceeding at an increasing level of sophistication and complexity, which can have far reaching implications for LHC physics. The ultimate ambition of this workshop is to promote MPI as a unifying concept between  apparently  distinct  lines  of  research,  to  profit  from  experimental  progress  in  order  to constrain  their implementation  in  models,  and  to  evaluate  their  impact  on  the  LHC  physics program.


  • Phenomenology of MPI processes and multiparton distributions
  • Considerations for the description of MPI in QCD
  • Measuring multiple partonic interactions
  • Experimental results on inelastic hadronic collisions: underlying event, minimum bias, forward energy flow
  • Monte Carlo development and tuning
  • Connections with low x, diffraction, heavy ­ion physics and cosmic rays


The registration fee for the meeting is:

  • 150 EUR - early registration (before 31/08/2014)
  • 100 EUR - early registration for students (before 31/08/2014)
  • 200 EUR - late registration (after 1/09/2014)
  • 150 EUR - late registration for students (after 1/09/2014)

In addition, there is a possibility to join common lunch for 50 EUR/person (5 lunches).

An excursion with conference dinner is planned at Thursday afternoon. The cost is 50 EUR/person.

Fees and additional expenses (lunches and excursion) can be paid via bank transfer:

Beneficiary Address:
Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN
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IBAN: PL 42 1240 4722 1978 0000 4858 2254

In the transfer title the name of conference, your name and surname must be included, e.g.:

MPI 2014
John Smith
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Please make sure that the bank transfer costs are not drawn from the transferred funds. There is also a possibility to pay the fee in cash at the day of arrival. Please note that in that case only polish zloty currency will be accepted!

The registration cancellation is possible and:
- free of charge (before 15.10),
- 20% will be taken (after 15.10).


Polish Institutes

Opłata konferencyjna dla pracowników oraz studentów z Polski wynosi:
- 100 zł (rejestracja przed 31/08/2014),
- 200 zł (rejestracja po 1/09/2014).
Koszt wspólnych obiadów wynosi 225 zł/os., cena wycieczki to 225 zł/os..

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