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3-7 November 2014
Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
Europe/Zurich timezone

Working groups

Working groups

Underlying event

Andrzej Siódmok (andrzej.siodmok_at_manchester.ac.uk)
Depak Kar (dkar_at_cern.ch)
Anastasia Grebenyuk (anastasia.grebenyu_at_cern.ch)

Double parton scattering

Jonathan Gaunt (jonathan.gaunt_at_desy.de)
Daniele Treleani (daniele.treleani_at_ts.infn.it)
Ivan Belyaev (ivan.belyaev_at_cern.ch)
Arthur Marques Moraes (amoraes_at_cbpf.br)

MPI and small x and diffraction

Anna Staśto (astasto_at_phys.psu.edu)
Wolfgang Schaefer (wolfgang.schafer_at_ifj.edu.pl)
Pierre Mechelen (pierre.vanmechelen_at_ua.ac.be)
Oldrich Kepka (oldrich.kepka_at_cern.ch)

MPI in collisions with nuclei

Brian Cole (cole_at_nevis.columbia.edu)
Paolo Bartalini (paolo.bartalini_at_cern.ch)
Boris Blok (blok_at_physics.technion.ac.il)