Sep 12 – 17, 2010
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Fitting TDPAC Spectra with Stochastic Models: PolyPacFit

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500/1-001 - Main Auditorium (CERN)

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium


CH - 1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland
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POSTER Semiconductors, Metals and Insulators


Matthew Zacate (Northern Kentucky University)


Semiconductors, Metals and Insulators


PolyPacFit is an advanced fitting program for time-differential perturbed angular correlation (TDPAC) spectroscopy that incorporates stochastic models and provides robust possibilities for customization of fits. Notable features of the program include support for (1) fits to stochastic models of hyperfine interactions, (2) user-defined constraints among model parameters, and (3) fits to multiple spectra simultaneously. Another feature of PolyPacFit is that it is platform-independent.

The current version of PolyPacFit is limited to polycrystalline spectra, as the program name suggests. The program supports nuclear probes of any spin. It allows users to specify electric quadrupole, magnetic dipole, and mixed hyperfine interactions. Finally, PolyPacFit provides support for ad hoc line-shape parameters for dynamic damping and for inhomogeneous broadening. Examples showing the application of PolyPacFit will be presented.

This work is funded in part by NSF grant DMR 06-06006 (Metals Program) and computational resources were provided in part by KY EPSCoR grant RSF 012-03.

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Primary author

Matthew Zacate (Northern Kentucky University)


William Evenson (Utah Valley University)

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