2-6 December 2014
King's College London, Strand Campus
Europe/London timezone

This is the Fourth Symposium on Prospects in the Physics of Discrete Symmetries, DISCRETE 2014, the latest of the DISCRETE conference series (for information on previous ones see:  Discrete'08, Discrete2010, Discrete2012), which this year will take place at King's College London, Strand Campus, London WC2R 2LS, from: Tuesday, December 2 2014 till Saturday, December 6 2014. The topics covered at the DISCRETE series of conferences are: T, C, P, CP symmetries; accidental symmetries (B, L conservation); CPT symmetry, decoherence and entangled states, Lorentz symmetry breaking (phenomenology and current bounds); neutrino mass and mixing; implications for cosmology and astroparticle physics, dark matter searches; experimental prospects at LHC, new facilities. In this coming DISCRETE we shall also introduce two new topics: cosmological aspects of non-commutative space-times as well as PT symmetric Hamiltonians (non-Hermitian but with real eigenvalues), a topic that has wide applications in particle physics and beyond.

This year at King's College London we also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Maxwell’s equations, while James Clerk Maxwell was the Professor of Natural Philosophy here. Moreover it is the 60th Anniversary of the discovery of Yang-Mills Gauge theories, the 50th anniversary of the discovery of CP Violation and the 50th anniversary of the proposal of Bell's Inequalities in Quantum Physics. Hence DISCRETE 2014 can be combined with the celebration of the above anniversaries.

The format of the talks will be: Plenary (40+5 min), invited research talks (30 + 5 min) and shorter presentations (25 + 5 min), selected (by the conveners of each session in consultation with the organisers) from the submitted abstracts. The conference fee for registered participants is £400, which covers lunches, proceedings and participation in the conference dinner that is going to take place at the historic Royal Society in Carlton House Terrace. PhD students and non-tenured postdoctoral fellows will be allowed to register for Discrete 2014 with a reduced registration fee of £250. This reduced-fee registration period will extend to November 28 2014.

King's College London, Strand Campus
Great Hall and several lecture theatres
Strand London WC2R 2LS UK


  • Jean Alexandre
  • Nick E. Mavromatos (Chair)
  • Sarben Sarkar (co-chair)
  • Dimitri Skliros


Julia Kilpatrick

e-mail: Julia.Kilpatrick@kcl.ac.uk


  • Krzysztof Bozek
  • Marco de Cesare
  • Nicholas Houston
  • Julio Leite
  • Tevong You


  • B.S. Acharya (King's College London and ICTP)
  • J. Alexandre (King's College London)
  • C.M. Bender (U. Washington St Louis)
  • J. Bernabeu (U. Valencia)
  • A. Di Domenico (U. Roma Sapienza)
  • A. Faraggi (U. Liverpool)
  • V.A. Mitsou (IFIC Valencia)
  • J. Papavassiliou (U. Valencia)
  • A. Pilaftsis (U. Manchester)
  • M.N. Rebelo (IST Lisbon)


  • Francisco del Aguila (Granada)  
  • Luis Alvarez-Gaume (CERN)  
  • Jose Bernabeu (Valencia)  
  • Gustavo Branco (Lisbon)  
  • Andrzej J. Buras (Munich)  
  • Antonio Di Domenico (Rome)
  • Jonathan R. Ellis (CERN  &  KCL)  
  • Domenec Espriu (Barcelona)  
  • David G. Hitlin (Caltech)  
  • Cecilia Jarlskog (Lund)
  • Antonio Masiero (Padua)  
  • Nikolaos Mavromatos  (KCL)  
  • Vasiliki Mitsou (Valencia)  
  • Hitoshi Murayama  (Berkeley)  
  • Keith Olive  (Minnesota)  
  • Antonio Pich (Valencia)  
  • Apostolos Pilaftsis (Manchester)  
  • Mariano Quiros (Barcelona)  
  • Subir Sarkar (Oxford)  
  • Fabio Zwirner (Padua)


  • Jose Bernabeu (Valencia) [Chair]
  • G. Branco (IST Lisbon)
  • A. Di Domenico (U. Roma Sapienza)
  • G. Isidori (LN Frascati)
  • N.E. Mavromatos (King's College London)
  • V.A. Mitsou (IFIC Valencia)
  • M.N. Rebelo (IST Lisbon)


  • B.S. Acharya (King's College London and ICTP)
  • C.M. Bender (U. Washington St Louis)
  • J. Bernabeu (U. Valencia)
  • A.J. Bevan (Queen Mary University of London)
  • G. Branco (IST Lisbon)
  • J.P. Derendinger (U. Bern)
  • A. Di Domenico (U. Roma Sapienza)
  • J.F.R. Ellis (King's College London and CERN)
  • D. Evans (U. Birmingham)
  • A. Faraggi (U. Liverpool)
  • N. Harnew (U. Oxford)
  • C. Jarlskog (U. Lund)
  • T. Kibble (Imperial College London)
  • S.F. King (U. Southampton)
  • M. Krawczyk (U. Warsaw)
  • S. Liberati (SISSA)
  • R. Mohapatra (U. Maryland)
  • J. Papavassiliou (U. Valencia)
  • S. Pascoli (U. Durham)
  • A. Pilaftsis (U. Manchester)
  • J.A. Pinfold (U. Alberta)
  • M. Sakellariadou (King's College London)
  • Subir Sarkar (U. Oxford & Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen)
  • M. Trodden (U. Pennsylvania)
  • T. Virdee (Imperial College London)


  • A.C. Aguilar (U. Campinas)
  • A. Aranda (U. Colima)
  • P. Athanasopoulos (U. Liverpool)
  • W. A. Bertsche (U. Manchester & Daresbury Lab.)
  • D. Binosi (ECT Trento & Fond. Bruno Kessler, Trento)
  • M. Blanke (CERN and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie)
  • M. Blasone (U. Salerno)
  • F. Botella (U. Valencia & IFIC)
  • V. Branchina (U. Catania)
  • J. Casaus (CIEMAT, Madrid)
  • M.-C. Chen (U. California Irvine)
  • C. Curceanu (LNF-INFN)
  • E. Daw (U. Sheffield)
  • J.S. Diaz (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Institut für Theoretische Physik)
  • G. Eigen (U. Bergen)
  • H.T. Elze (U. Pisa)
  • I. Florakis (CERN)
  • S. Groot Nibbelink (U. Munich)
  • I. Garzia (U. Ferrara)
  • F. Hahn (CERN)
  • B. Hiesmayr (U. Vienna)
  • G. Honecker (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
  • V.V. Konotop (U. Lisbon)
  • S. Krippendorf (U. Oxford)
  • K. Langfeld (U. Plymouth)
  • G. Leontaris (U. Ioannina)
  • B. Lucini (U. Swansea)
  • C. Luhn (U. Siegen)
  • P. Mannheim (U. Connecticut)
  • J. Marton (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
  • J. Matias (U. Autonoma Barcelona)
  • V. Mehta (U. Heidelberg)
  • P. Millington (Technische Universität München)
  • V.A. Mitsou (IFIC Valencia)
  • M. Mondragon (UNAM, Mexico)
  • L. Nellen (UNAM, Mexico)
  • S. Olejnik (Inst. Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences)
  • O. Philipsen (Goethe-University Frankfurt)
  • A. Rajantie (Imperial College London)
  • M. N. Rebelo (IST Lisbon)
  • N. Rius (IFIC, Valencia)
  • J. Rodriguez Quintero (U. Huelva)
  • J. Rubio (EPFL)
  • H. Sanchis Alepuz (Justus-Liebig University Giessen)
  • F. Siringo (U. Catania & INFN)
  • H. Sonmez (U. Liverpool)
  • D. Teresi (U. Manchester)
  • G. Vitiello (U. Salerno)    
  • E. Widmann (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)


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