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Dec 2 – 6, 2014
King's College London, Strand Campus
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Program

In addition to the traditional discrete-symmetry-related topics, in this fourth edition of DISCRETE 2014 at King's College London we also celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Maxwell’s equations, while James Clerk Maxwell was the Professor of Natural Philosophy here. Moreover it is the 60th Anniversary of the discovery of Yang-Mills Gauge theories, the 50th anniversary of the discovery of CP Violation and the 50th anniversary of the proposal of Bell's Inequalities in Quantum Physics. Hence DISCRETE 2014 can be combined with the celebration of the above anniversaries.
  • T, C, P, CP symmetries

  • Accidental symmetries (B, L conservation)

  • CPT symmetry, decoherence and entangled states

  • Lorentz symmetry breaking (phenomenology and current bounds)

  • Neutrino mass and mixing

  • Neutrinos in cosmology and astroparticle physics

  • Dark matter searches

  • Experimental results from and prospects at LHC and new facilities.

  • Cosmological aspects of non-commutative space-times

  • PT symmetric (non-Hermitian) Hamiltonians

  • Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories

  • Bell Inequalities in Quantum Physics

  • Supersymmetry/Supergravity/Strings and Branes

  • Higgs Physics at LHC and Beyond