Dec 2 – 6, 2014
King's College London, Strand Campus
Europe/London timezone

Contribution List

145 / 145
Jim Virdee (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB))
12/2/14, 10:00 AM
Experimental results from and prospects at LHC and new facilities.
I will concentrate on hadron colliders, although I will also discuss (briefly) neutrino physics, e+e- colliders etc
Prof. Antonio Di Domenico (Universita Sapienza e INFN, Roma I (IT))
12/3/14, 11:00 AM
T, C, P, CP symmetries
Plenary (40 + 5 min)
The status of present experiments and future projects with kaons is reviewed, focusing on prospects for discrete symmetries tests.
Jean-Pierre Derendinger (Universitaet Bern (CH))
12/5/14, 9:00 AM
Supersymmetry/Supergravity/Strings and Branes
I give a review of Supergravity theories with emphasis on recent developments and prospects.
12/5/14, 3:00 PM

We will present highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory. We will also present the current status
and plans for upgrades of the Observatory. We will mention briefly
the programme of the Observatory to search for new, exotic physics.