Aug 2 – 9, 2015
Brasil - Manaus - Amazonas
Brazil/East timezone

Welcome Bulletin

Welcome Bulletin - LISHEP2015

Session C





LISHEP was created in 1993  and is organized in four different sessions:

SESSION A – Science on Secondary School This Session in 2015 will be chaired by F.Caruso and  A.Santoro
SESSION B – Advanced School in HEP
SESSION C – Workshop in HEP
SESSION D – HEP Associated Technologies

This year we will have LISHEP session A (International Year of Light) and session C: 
On a River of Discovery

LISHEP 2015 Session C is chaired by Harvey Newman  and Alberto Santoro.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM (see please the web page to have an updated program)

The main purpose to realize LISHEP2015 in Manaus is to bring to this Amazonas region the High Energy Physics to expand the number of people doing experimental physics in Brasil.

All participants must fill the registration form available in The options are USD500,00 or BRL800,00 or CHF480,00 or EUR400,00 for registration fee. 
This covers attendance to the workshop, related material, coffebreaks and the conference dinner for those that paid the fees. 
We still not received the amount approved by two agencies, CAPES and FAPERJ. Then please with the payment of fees, is the almost unic ressource that we have up till now. We hope that we will receive during the days of LISHEP.


The dead line for registration for session C is July 15 of 2015.
LISHEP will be held from August 3 to 8 at UEA in Manaus city, Brazil. Manaus receive  many International, National and Regional meetings and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.
During the day the minimum temperature will be about 23 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature will be around 35 degrees Celsius (temperature may drop during the night so a light jacket may be necessary). 
Manaus is a major tourist  destination with many atractions from the nature with many ecotourism possibilities.

UEA- Universidade do Estado do Amazonas is a very new University.  Create by the governor of Amazonas in 2001. UEA is hosting our LISHEP2015.


LISHEP2015 - Reitoria da Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
Auditorium of the Rectory
Rua Djalma Batista, 3578 - Flores
69050-010 - Manaus - Amazonas

Manaus  has a large and diversified offer of hotels.  The main hotel for the participants  of LISHEP stay at Intercity Hotel where we have a number of rooms reserved for participants of LISHEP2015. 
Please do  not leave for the last minute to do your reservation directly to the Hotel.
All transportation offered by the organization of LISHEP2015 will be only to and from the Intercity Premium Hotel. 

For the lunch time we advice to walk about 100 m from the Room of the workshop to a Restaurant called LA BARCA. You go out of the building of the Reitoria to the left on the same croswallk.
Manaus has very good restaurants you have to take a taxis on the door of the hotel, to go. We will give below a list of restaurant that you can go if you prefer.  There are many restaurants 
around serving food of different styles and at different prices. Many restaurants work by the weight system where you are charged based on the amount (measured in kilograms) of food you get from a buffet. Many operate as a flat fee buffet and others have a menu service. A meal in the LA BARCA work with the weight system for R$30.00 per Kilogram.

There will be a dinner starting 19:30 PM Thursday the 6th August. We will leave the Hotel in a bus that go to Restaurant and return to the Hotel at 22:30.  All participants that paid even if paid in arrival  the registration fees is invited to come to the conference dinner.  The participants that was granted by the Workshop organization are wellcome to the conference dinner paying R$130 reais.
The accompanying persons also are welcome paying the same price (R$130,00). Any other meals and beverages will be paid by the participant directly.   

We will provide the tranportation to the Workshop Dinner Restaurant Hotel – Restaurant Banzeiro -Hotel
Date: Thursday 6/08/2015 – 19:30
Bus with 44 seats  -  Return to Hotel at 22:30 

The menu offered will be based in regional food:

ENTRÉES (Starters and Appetizers)
Curd cheese skewers with bacon corn meal
Duck Pastel (10units)
Salada do Banzeiro  (Mix of leaves, cherry tomatoes, curd cheese, Pirarucu bacon and croutons.)

Peixe Uarini  (Breaded Pirarucu fillets in Uarini flour, served with baião de dois - a mixture of beans and rice - vinaigrette, fried banana and mashed manioc.)
Stew Rib Tambaqui (Caldeirada de Costela de Tambaqui)
(3 Tambaqui ribs cooked in fish broth with potatoes, peppers, tomato and eggs, served with white rice and mush).
Pirarucu with Shimeji in the butter  (Grilled Pirarucu, sautéed shimeji in butter with soy sauce, black rice and mashed manioc).
Black Rice with Shrimps (Arroz negro com Camarão )
Black rice sautéed in garlic, shrimps, bacon Pirarucu, straw potatoes and chicory.

Meat: Amazon Fillet  (Filé Amazônico)
Grilled beef fillet covered with banana curd cheese, served with broccoli rice and sautéed potatoes.

Abacaxi Tropical (Pineapple icy with gooseberry blades)
Ice Cream (flavor: açaí, taperebá, tucumã, cream and tapioca)
Mousse de Cupuaçu
Banana do Banzeiro

Juices (except strawberry)


1. Banzeiro
Address: Rua Libertador, 102 - Nossa Sra. das Gracas
2. Choupana
Address: Rua Mário Ypiranga, 790 – Adrianópolis
3. Tambaqui de Banda
Address: Av. Tancredo Neves, 9 – Flores
4. Casa da Sopa (only soups)
Address: Av. Constelação, 22 – Aleixo
5. Pizzaria Loppiano (pizza)
Address: Rua Maj. Gabriel, 1080 – Centro
6. Pizza a Bessa (pizza)
Address: Rua Teresina, 123

People in Intercity Hotel can give more information.


An important number of shoppings are available with a large variety of stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, bookstores and more. There is plenty of transportation that can take you to any area of the city.

1. Manauara Shopping
Address: Avenida Mário Ypiranga, 1300 – Adrianópolis
2. Amazonas Shopping
Address: Av. Djalma Batista, 482 - Parque Dez de Novembro                                                                                
3. Ponta Negra Shopping
Address: Avenida Coronel Teixeira, 5705 - Ponta Negra
4. Millenium Shopping
Address: Av. Djalma Batista, 1661 – Chapada 

There are many others

This year we are submitted to a crisis in the level of financial support in general for science and education. Up to now we did not receive the amount approved by CAPES and FAPERJ. And this cause a lot of problem for our organization.

Check with the closest Brazilian embassy or consulate about entry requirements. Depending on the country issueing your passport you may be required to carry a valid visa. We can provide an invitation letter 
in case you need one.

Manaus international airport connects Manaus to several domestic, regional and international cities. There are taxis serving the airport. Look for the selling booths just after the customs area. A special cab ride from the international airport to Manaus downtown shall cost about R$ 75,00 (FIXED PRICE)

We strongly advise the participants take taxis in the door of the Hotel to go to any place in Manaus.


If you are interested in one or more Program proposed below, please send a message to Amazon and copy to

All payment will done only in the desktop of the organization in your arrival. Local: in the entrance of the conference.  Even the Workshop Dinner it is necessay to express your interest to go.

Phone Number of Amazon Explorer: +55 92 3232-3052

There will be a tour on the Amazon River with visits to interesting sites. Those interested participant must register in advance in each one options presented below. The group will be with maximum of 50 persons. 
The cost is R$ 120.00 per person and includes:

Date: Thursday 6th August 2015
Hours: 09:00 to 15:30
Departure: Floating Harbour of Manaus
ship: Regional ( decks / bathrooms / Bar)
Included: lunch, bilingual guide, transfer (hotel-port-hotel)
Schedule: Meeting of the Waters + Catalão floating Comunnunity + Janauary Ecological Park  +  Canoe Ride + Lilypad (Vitória-Régia)
Payment: Visa / Master / Amex / Cash in arrival at the desk of the workshop organization
Children between 6-11 years pay 50% of the value / 0 to 5 years are free


1) National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) + Museum of Northern Man
2) Opera House + Municipal Market + Old downtown (historical) + Rio Negro  Palace + Courthouse
3) Amazonian Museum (Musa) - trails and observation tower above the treetop
4) Cigs (Military Zológico) + Bridge over the Rio Negro + Ponta Negra Beach
 Dates: To be announced
Hours: 09:00 to 12:30 or 14:00 to 17:30
Bus or Van with air conditioning
Included: visitation rates
Payment: Visa / Master / Amex / Cash
Value (each option): R $ 90,00 / person (exclusive value for the minimum group of 8 adult)
Children between 6-11 years pay 50% of the value / 0 to 5 years are free
5) Tour President Figueiredo - Waterfalls
Date: To be decided
Hours: 09:00 to 18:00
Vehicle: Van or bus with air conditioning
Included: lunch, bilingual guide, entrance fees and transfer
Payment: Visa / Master / Amex / Cash
Value: R $ 190.00 (unique value for the minimum group of 8 adult)
* Children between 6-11 years pay 50% of the value / 0 to 5 years are free

Electric power in Manaus is mostly 110 Volts/ 60 Hz A.C. but  hotels may provide 220 Volts outlets. You may need an adaptor since hotels use the international standard outlet. Check this with your hotel prior to arrival.