Aug 2 – 9, 2015
Brasil - Manaus - Amazonas
Brazil/East timezone

Bulletin One

Bulletin One - LISHEP2015

XII LISHEP - Workshop on High Energy Physics:  “On a River of Discovery "

Manaus, August 2 - 9, 2015

The LISHEP2015 Conference will take place in Manaus, from August 2 - 9, 2015.

The Conference has traditionally four sessions, that alternate throughout the years. The sessions are:

SESSION A – Science in High School. This session is dedicated to High School Teachers.
SESSION B – Advanced School in HEP. This is a traditional School on High Energy Physics.
SESSION C – Workshop in HEP. This is a Workshop on High Energy Physics with specific selected topics.
SESSION D – HEP Associated Technologies. This is a Workshop on Associated Technologies in HEP.

In 2015 we will have LISHEP session C: “Workshop on High Energy Physics  On a River of Discovery". It is composed by a series of sub-sessions to present the current situation on High Energy Physics, recent results and preparation for the near future.

LISHEP 2015 is chaired by Alberto Santoro ( and Harvey Newman (
For the first time we will performed in Manaus – Amazonas for several reasons. The main reason is that we are convinced that we have to extend HEP to North of Brazil too. And we would like to build a HEP community in the University of the State of Amazonas, UEA. Then bring the news in HEP to the region is very important for local communiity. We will give more information about Manaus, the University UEA soon in our webpage.


The Scientific Program is being defined by the International Advisory Committee and will be available soon at the Conference Website.

The main topics are:

- Standard Model and the Higgs Sector

- Forward Physics

- Flavour physics ,Rare Decays and CP-Violation

- Beyond the Standard Model

- Neutrino Physics

- Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Cosmology

- Upgrades of the  LHC and Experiments; Future Colliders

- Advance in instrumentation, computing Networking for HEP

- Spin off from HEP


All participants (even the speakers) must fill the registration form available at the LISHEP website. A R$800.00 (US$ 500.00, 480.00 CHF or 400.00 €) registration fee shall be paid to META Events, which is a tourism agency in charge to organize the infrastructure of LISHEP. Registration fee covers attendance to the workshop, related material, coffee breaks and the conference dinner. 
As our available funds are scarce, we strongly encourage you to provide your own funds, and if possible to support the students from your country. 

The deadline for registration and presentation of talks is JULY 15 2015.


A strong participation of physicists and students from all over the world is highly encouraged, especially from young researchers. Speakers will be able to submit their contribution to the conference proceedings provided a minimum number of interested authors is achieved.


We would like to communicate that we are thinking to do a Proceedings for historical reasons. We will send message later about this.


Michelle Arneodo – INFN/Torino – Itália Angsula Ghosh – UFAM - Brasil
Carlos Avila – UNIANDES – Colômbia Paolo Giubelino – ATLAS – CERN - Italy
Sampa Bhadra – York U. – Canadá Chen Hesheng – China
Tiziano Camporesi - CMS - CERN Gerardo Herrera – CINVESTAV – México
Carlos Garcia Canal – U.N.La Plata – Argentina Hannes Jung – DESY – Alemanha
Ennio Candotti - Musa - Brasil Nigel Lockyer - FNAL - USA
Cleinaldo de Almeida Costa - UEA Brazil Joseph D.Lykken –FNAL-USA
Dave Charlton – ATLAS - Birmingham – UK   Luciano Maiani – Roma – Italy  
José A. Chinellato – UNICAMP – Brasil Uri Maor – Telaviv – Israel
Helmut Dosch DESY - Germany Harvey Newman – CALTECH – USA
Roberto Fiori – U. della Calabria – Italy Jurgen Schukraft – ALICE - CERN
Mariano Gago - LIP - Portugal João Varela – LIP – Portugal
Guy Wilkson – LHCb –CERN


Eliza Melo - UERJ Ennio Candotti - MUSA/UEA
Felipe Silva - UEAI Luciana da Cunha Ferreira - MUSA
Helio da Motta – CBPF Dilson Damião - UERJ
Wanda Prado Isabel Dinola - FUCAPI
Francisco Caruso Neto - UERJ/CBPF Luiz Mundim - UERJ
Renato Frota -FUCAPI  


Francisco Caruso – CBPF/UERJ
Vitor Oguri – UERJ
Alberto Santoro – UERJ





Bruno Coimbra – UERJ
Douglas Milanez – UERJ
Eduardo Revoredo – UERJ





LISHEP will be held from August 2 - 9, 2015 at the Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (UEA), in Manaus Amazonas, Brazil. Manaus hosts many conferences and meetings and welcomes millions of visitors every year. It is a major tourist and business destination with many attractions and cultural events. Tourist Information in Manaus/Amazonas may be found at (available in English, Spanish and Portuguese). We intend to give more information later. 


Auditorium da Reitoria

Av. Djalma Batista, 3578 - Flores

69050-010 - Manaus - Amazonas


Web Page:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Manaus !

The Local Organizing Committee.