June 28, 2015 to July 2, 2015
JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort
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Experimental investigation of a Hydrogen Pulsating Heat Pipe

Jun 30, 2015, 11:45 AM
Tucson Ballroom F

Tucson Ballroom F

Contributed Oral Presentation CEC-12 - Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Cryogen Properties C2OrC - Pulsating Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons


Mr Haoren DENG (Zhejiang University)


The oscillating heat pipe (OHP) has been increasingly studied in cryogenic application, for its high transfer coefficient and quick response. Compared with Nb3Sn and NbTi, MgB2 whose critical transformation temperature is 39K, is expected to replace some high-temperature superconducting materials at 25K. In order to cool MgB2, this paper designs a Hydrogen Pulsating Heat Pipe, which allows to study how applied heat, filling ratio, and length of adiabatic section affect the thermal performance of the OHP, respectively. The thermal performance of the hydrogen OHP is investigated for filling ratios of 30% , 50% and 70% at different heat input, what’s more the starting power is received at these three filling ratios.

Primary author

Mr Haoren DENG (Zhejiang University)


Prof. John Pfotenhauer (University of Wisconsin Madison) Mr Renfei MA (Zhejiang University) Ms Yumeng LIU (Zhejiang University) Prof. Zhihua GAN (Zhejiang University)

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