September 27, 2015 to October 3, 2015
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Consistency of Perfect Fluidity and Jet Quenching in semi-Quark-Gluon Monopole Plasmas

Sep 29, 2015, 11:10 AM
KFM Hall "IO"

KFM Hall "IO"

Contributed talk Jets and High pT Hadrons Jets and High pT Hadrons III


Jiechen Xu (Columbia University)


We utilize a new framework, CUJET3.0, to deduce the energy and temperature dependence of the jet quenching parameter, $\hat{q}(E>10\;{\rm GeV},T)$, from a combined analysis of available data on the nuclear modification factor and azimuthal asymmetry of high $p_T$ light hadrons and open heavy flavors in high-energy A+A collisions at RHIC and LHC. Extending a previous perturbative QCD based jet energy loss model (known as CUJET2.0) with (2+1)D viscous hydrodynamic backgrounds, this new framework includes three novel features of nonperturbative physics origin: (1) the Polyakov loop suppression of color-electric scatterings and (2) the enhancement of the jet scattering due to emergent chromomagnetic monopoles near $T_c$ and (3) thermodynamic properties constrained by lattice QCD data. CUJET3.0 reduces to CUJET2.0 at high temperatures $T > 400$ MeV, but greatly enhances $\hat{q}$ near the QCD deconfinement transition temperature. This enhancement accounts well for the observed elliptic harmonics of jets with $p_T>10$ GeV. Extrapolating our data-constrained $\hat{q}$ down to thermal energy scales, $E \sim 2$ GeV, we find for the first time a remarkable consistency between the high energy jet quenching and bulk perfect fluidity with $\eta/s\sim T^3/\hat{q} \sim 0.1$ near $T_c$. References [1] Jiechen Xu, Jinfeng Liao, Miklos Gyulassy, arXiv:1411.3673 [hep-ph]. [2] Jiechen Xu, Alessandro Buzzatti, Miklos Gyulassy, JHEP 1408, 063 (2014).

Primary author

Jiechen Xu (Columbia University)


Prof. Jinfeng Liao (Indiana University) Prof. Miklos Gyulassy (Columbia University)

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