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Sep 2 – 9, 2007
Victoria, Canada
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Experience with validating GEANT4 v7 and v8 against v6 in BaBar

Sep 4, 2007, 11:40 AM
Carson Hall A (Victoria, Canada)

Carson Hall A

Victoria, Canada

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Swagato Banerjee (University of Victoria)


BaBar Abstract #8 - Track 2 (Event processing) Experience with validating GEANT4 v7 and v8 against v6 in BaBar S. Banerjee, P. Kim, W. Lockman, and D. Wright for the BaBar Computing Group The BaBar experiment at SLAC has been using the GEANT 4 package version 6 for simulation of the detector response to passage of particles through its material. Since 2005 and 2006, respectively, GEANT 4 versions 7 and 8 have been available, providing: improvements in modeling of multiple scattering; corrections to muon ionization and improved MIP signature; widening of the core of electro-magnetic shower shape profiles; newer implementation of elastic scattering for hadronic processes; exact implementation of Bertini cascade models for kaons and lambdas, and updated hadronic cross-sections from calorimeter beam tests. The effects of these changes in simulation are studied in terms of closer agreement of simulation with respect to data distributions of: the hit residuals of tracks in the silicon-vertex tracker; the shower shapes of photons and K_L particles in the electro-magnetic calorimeter; the ratio of energy deposited in the electro-magnetic calorimeter and the flux return of the magnet instrumented with a muon detection system composed of resistive plate chambers, and limited streamer-tubes; and the muon identification efficiency in the muon detector system of the BaBar detector.
Submitted on behalf of Collaboration (ex, BaBar, ATLAS) BaBar

Primary author

Swagato Banerjee (University of Victoria)


Dennis Wright (SLAC) Peter Kim (SLAC) William Lockman (University of California, Santa Cruz)

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