14-16 September 2015
University "La Sapienza", Physics Department
Europe/Rome timezone

Atmospheric Flux Uncertainties and the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy

15 Sep 2015, 17:10
Aula Careri, 1st floor (University "La Sapienza", Physics Department)

Aula Careri, 1st floor

University "La Sapienza", Physics Department

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 2 - 00185 Roma - Italy


Joakim Sandroos (Universität Mainz, IceCube)


Next generation atmospheric low-energy neutrino detectors, will be able to measure neutrinos with energies of a few GeV. In this energy range the primary signal below the horizon is neutrino secondaries from cosmic ray interactions in the atmosphere. The measured event rate will depend on the neutrino mass hierarchy, allowing determination of the Neutrino mass hierarchy to a significance level of about 3.5 sigma within a 5-year period, mostly limited by systematic uncertainties. We present here the impact of atmospheric neutrino flux systematic uncertainties on the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy. This work was performed using simulation data from the low-energy extension to the IceCube detector located at the geographic south pole, PINGU, and is relevant to a wide range of other experiments.

Primary author

Joakim Sandroos (Universität Mainz, IceCube)

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